The voice that "Buo-buo-" and the cow are bellowing well in the rice field and the waterway is heard from spring to summer. This is comparatively a cry of the bullfrog in the massive frame in the frog. It is called the frog for food. The voice that has been raised from this body is an unbelievable full voice.

Scientific name Rana catesbeiana
Alias The frog for North American bullfrog, the bullfrog, [ushigaeru], and food, [shokuyougaeru]
Department and belonging Brown frog family and brown frog belonging
Distribution Now, the wild in Japan, Originally continental east part in North America
Length About 15-20cm
Feature of body Anyway, it is large and barks in a low voice like the cow. Male's back is shade green, and female is brown.
Ecology It doesn't go out of nocturnal and water so much by amphibious.
Food It is eating meat such as the insect, crawfishes, and fish.
Recent topic Chytrid fungus syndrome infected of amphibians is very strong the infectivity, high the case fatality rate, too and sick.
The number of frogs will decrease in the future and the ecosystem might be changed.

Bullfrog's photograph

Bullfrog's photograph

There was a big bullfrog when it cleaned in the moat beside rece field. It was pretend the death or did not move. Here was left alone. When the night comes, the cry that greatly looks like "Buuo- Buuo-" and cows is put out.

It has not actually eaten though it is said the frog for food. I do not think that I want to eat because It is in dirty water.

Do not abandon the corpse in the outdoors when the frog that keeps it dies though the chytrid fungus syndrome gets into the news. Moreover, please do not throw away the kept water to the outside. Please consult the core veterinarian if it worries in the chytrid fungus syndrome.