How to use and the maintenance of the chainsaw

Feature of chainsaw

There are a lot of farmers who own the forest in the mountainous district in Japan. There are a lot of chances to cut the tree in the maintenance of the forest. It is possible to cut it a little with a manual saw. However, a lot of trees cannot be cut in human strength. It is very efficient when there is a chainsaw at such time. Because a long blade has been exposed, the chainsaw should take care about handling.

There are the one of the engine type and the one of the motor type in the chainsaw. The thing of the engine type is generally a main current though the thing of the motor type seems to be convenient, and the breakdown to be also few in the place with the power supply of 100V.

The name of each part of the chainsaw and How to use.

The name of each part of the chainsaw

This photograph is chainsaw (Kyoritsu GC301) of the gasoline engine type that I am using. The length of the blade is a small short (35cm in the guide bar and 14 inches), model.

The engine It is chain type blade as for the rotation of (engine displacement about 30cc) is told and the tree is cut. An automatic centrifugal clutch has adhered from the engine between saw, and the rotation of the blade stops automatically when the rotation of the engine is dropped.

There is reception desk hand guard between saw blades though the tree is cut with a reception desk steering wheel and a rear steering wheel. When this is knocked down ahead, the brake is applied to the chain blade.

When the fuel and the Cheung oil are put in, the engine is started. The reception desk hand guard is pulled forward after the warm-up and Cheung's brake is released.

If it firmly supports by the right hand of a rear steering wheel in ..reception desk steering wheel.. left hand, the throttle lockout lever is gripped, and the throttle is pulled little by little, the engine becomes a high rotation.

At this time, the centerline of the body is prevented from coming on the extension wire of the blade. The head and eyes are moved from the extension wire of the blade. This is very important because of safety.

The foundation of a blade lower of Cheung is applied and cut in wood. The kickback happens when the point of the blade and the Cheung upper part are applied to wood and it is very dangerous.

It falls, and the position of wood is the above and moves sideways below in the reactionary though can do by everyone only if wood is cut the movement in the self-respect of wood after wood is cut of wood. It is very dangerous if not working though this is forecast. If this cannot be done, it becomes a serious fatal accident.

How for two-cycle engine to start

Method of set of blade of chainsaw

Set of blade

This photograph is a macro photography of the blade of the chainsaw. The tree cuts by the blade in the upper part of the center of this photograph. The difference of height with the right depth gauge (depth) Only the amount cuts.

Round file of 4mm in the diameter is applied in this model to become it the traveling direction of the Cheung blade and angling about 60 degrees and the blade is sharpened. The depth gauge is reeded with flat file about 0.6-0.7mm low when the depth is shallow. Whether goodness if it does very if the part of the blade is often observed is understood at once.

When it becomes impossible to recover sharpness even if the set is done, it is a Cheung blade is exchanged. A blade without fail specified of the manufacturer It exchanges it for (It is chain type 91VG, pitch 9.35mm, gauge 1.27mm, and numbers 52E of links of Oregon in this model).

Attention and maintenance when chainsaw is used