The feature of a power planer and How to use it.

The hive is made, and the accuracy of finish can be improved when there is a power planer and power planer is convenient to do Sunday carpentry with DIY though it is not indispensable.

What is a power planer?

Photograph of typical power planer

This photograph is a power planer of Makita. It is the typical one of a small, power planer. It is a power tool that rotates at high speed the blade of power planer, and planes wood flatly.

It uses for the purpose to reed the surface of wood, to be thin the surface of wood, to cut down, and to mend the ruggedness of the material.

Wood cannot be processed well if the usage is difficult, and it doesn't become accustomed. However, wood can be easily planed if it uses it well.

The price is cheap one in the power tool. Because it is not a tool used too much often, I think that I need not buy quality goods.

The feature of power planer and How to use.

There is a table before and behind the rotating canna blade, and the previous table is adjusted up and down with the adjustment knob. The table in the rotation axis of the blade and the back is on earth fixed with the thing.

It becomes thickness that the difference between the previous table and the table in an equal height to the position of the canna blade back cuts down. Both tables are made to hang in the material with the main body and the steering wheel by both hands, and it cuts down at a slowly constant speed.

Please note becoming cutting down too much when only the previous table is put on the material even if it cuts down from the edge of the material. This is a failure that the beginner tends to do.

Adjustment of depth cut down

A front table moves up and down when the adjustment knob is turned. Depth in which wood is planed by doing so can be adjusted. I have a hard time because it does the difference between the place cut down and the place not cut down by enlarging the depth cut down though it is corrected.

Fault of power planer

It is a fault of power planer that the difference of risking and not existing when cutting down when the width cut down grows more than the width of the blade is attached. It is necessary to reduce the putting out fee of the blade to grind wide, big respect, and to cut down little by little.

The noise when using it is large as other faults. Using this in the residential area should consider it to surroundings.