Cultivation method of garlic

Liliaceous garlic is very effective in the nutritional fortification. The cultivation of garlic comparatively enters an easy class. There is little thing to which it gets sick, and the insect adheres. Because even the planter can do easily, will you challenge the cultivation of garlic?

Making of soil for garlic cultivation

The basis of the vegetable growing starts from the preparation for the soil. It does from the compost making if it does by organic farming.

Fermentation starts when organisms such as the grass, the fallen leaf, rice skin, and rice bran that weed are piled up, and water is poured. This is counterattacked many times. When compost can be done, it cultivates it several times with the soil with the tractor and the cropper mixing it. PH of the soil of the garlic cultivation doesn't care about an acid feeling a little because 5.5 - 6.0th place is good either.

If it is a planter of small-scale cultivation, it is enough also by a soil on the market. You may use the thing marketed as a soil for the flower and the vegetable as it is, and you may mix it with the soil of the field.

Planting of garlic


Garlic is planted in around end of August - the middle of September, put up, and grown. The seed bulb of garlic is bought in the do-it-yourself store and the gardening shop. It is possible to do even by the one of the food counter in the supermarket and it might not go well when the germination prevention medicine is used.

The bud is done up, planted after the squama of garlic is taken to pieces, and it puts it. The width of the ridge is adjusted to about 50-100cm and depth is adjusted to about 5cm by about 5-15cm at planting intervals. You may suitably change around here by your favor.

When planting ends, enough water is sprinkled.

Thin, cultivation, weeding, additional manure

When the bud comes out, it thins out suitably. Please leave a large bud and remove a small bud. Please use the bud of the garlic thinned out to cook. It is possible to use it as leaf garlic.

Weeding is held concurrently about once every two months, and it cultivates when mesne, and the additional fertilizer of liquid manure and phosphatic and compound fertilizer is done. Anything need not be done because there is little damage by the insect and the animal. (It doesn't eat any one of such a strange taste. It is only man.)

Bud of garlic (garlic priest) picking

flower of scentless garlic

The bud of garlic comes out in the center of garlic when it becomes warm in spring. To enlarge the bulb, this is picked ahead of time. A soft bud can be used to cook as stalk garlic.

This photograph is a flower of scentless garlic.

Harvest and keeping

The leaf below harvests when about half-2/3 withers in around the middle of May - the middle of June. When the whole is extracted, it hangs it on the place where the leaf and the root are cut and the ventilation of shade is good.

When the bud of the garlic under keeping comes out

The bud might come out while keeping the garlic bought in the supermarket. Why is there in that case you?I think that throwing away is wasteful.

Let's plant it in the planter and the field though it is possible to use as it is even if the bud comes out. When the leaf expands, it is possible to use it as leaf garlic. Garlic might be able to be harvested as it is if it makes it to good.

Effect of garlic

It is known that the natural healing power in the inside of the body is improved to garlic, and the element that prevents cancer is included. There is an excellent effect in the allicin of the element of the smell of garlic. On the other hand, it is easy to go out to outside of the body because this vitamin is a water solubility though it is vitamin B1 that it is necessary for burning the glucidic in the inside of the body.

The state of the allithiamine to be able to maintain in the inside of the body long and to use vitamin B1 easily can be this by the one that the allicin of garlic united with vitamin B1.

Use of garlic

Garlic doesn't smell at all, and when one piece is wholly put when the curry is made, the texture becomes feeling that the potato collapses and is eaten delicious.

It is also easy to make "Garlic soy sauce pickle", "Sugar pickle of garlic", and "Scallion vinegar pickle of garlic" and to put it. It makes in the bottle, it puts, and a healthy improvement is properly effective though the smell remains because these do not heat if eating.

Because my father had been making the one that garlic was soaked to the vinegar of the pickled scallion since childhood, I was often eating. It eats still sometimes. This is the vigorous stimulation and is effective. The smell is tight one.