Condition of good soil when vegetable is grown with kitchen garden

The vegetable making is depending on the soil. The vegetable grows up energetically even if nothing is done if it is a good soil. What one is a good soil? How should I do to make it to a good soil?

Physical condition of good soil

The plant is defended by replenishing water, oxygen, and nourishment with the plant, and easing a rapid temperature change and the soil is brought up. In addition, the soil is offering the living place to an inside living thing of the soil (microorganism) that resolves the organism that becomes the source of nutrition of the plant. The plant is not an exaggeration when there is no soil to say no growth.

Concretely, what one is a physical condition of a good soil for the plant? First of all, it is important that there are "Water retentivity" where moisture and the fertility can be maintained and "keeping fertilizer". Next, it is also important that there is "Permeability" that sends the living thing oxygen in the root and the soil. And, it becomes the important factor also there is "Drain" that doesn't leave excessive moisture that causes the root rot and hypoxia in the soil.

It is also important that there is moderate weight for the root to support the plant as other conditions. It is unwell in the soil like light cotton. Moreover, it is important that it is a soil that doesn't contain the bacillus by which the plant causes the sickness.

It is suitable for the growth of a lot of plants generally without bias ..these condition.. ..balance.. well in the soil with good provided soil.

Chemical condition of good soil

There is a chemical condition of a good soil suitable acidity and alkalinity "PH" in the soil. PH shows the hydrogen ion concentration, and becomes "Alkalinity" by "Acidity" in the neutral in the value 7 at a numerical value that is larger than seven at a numerical value that is smaller than it.

The growth trouble is caused, and the plant cannot be grown well when raising it to the plant by the soil of PH that has "Best PH" that is appropriate for growth respectively, and was far apart from it.

As for the vegetable generally grown in our country, there are a lot of plants that like acidulous of PH6-7, and seem to be a lot of plants that grow up well if it is this range.

However, it is usual that PH of the soil becomes acidity because of the rainfall if it leaves it. Because the soil becomes acidity if nothing is done in moist Japan, it is necessary to scatter the soil the lime regularly to grow the vegetable etc.

Method of measuring PH of soil

A simple PH measuring instrument of the method of measuring PH of the soil generally It measures it with the PH measurement kit etc.The soil of my field can be easily measured for myself.

The soil for the measurement uses the one taken from about 5cm(four corners and the center of the field) in depth. However, this measurements are simple, and there is only requesting it from the specialist if it wants to examine it accurately.

"Crumbled structure" soil is good.

Crumbled structure soil is good.

Thus, when water retentivity, keeping fertilizer, the permeability, and drain are improved when thinking about a good soil physically and chemically, the structure of the soil understands "Crumbled structure" is good.

The crumbled structure of the soil like this figure is a soil that is as follows. There is a detailed space in the compound granule in which the small particle of the soil gathers, and water can be saved by the capillary action. Moreover, it can be said that it is excellent in the permeability and drain though water flows at once, and in the big space that unites mutually the compound granules and can be done, there is no water retentivity.

It is easy to become a crumbled structure when there are a lot of organisms.

It is small "Humus" (organism) that small particle of soil ties mutuallyThis plays the role like the paste in the soil, and saves the fertilizer component. Humus is a storehouse of the fertilizer, and nourishment is properly supplied to the plant.

It is a humous working to ease changing rapid PH by the rainfall. This humus is the one that the organism in the soil was resolved by the microorganism.

The purpose of mixing the organism such as compost with the soil is to make this compound granule. It can be said that the compound granule can be done easily when there are a lot of organisms. The organism of the unresolution has working that improves the permeability making the space in the soil.

The soil:Chemical works of the microorganism.

The treasure house of the microorganism in the soil. The microorganism adheres to this when the rubbish of the grass and the vegetable mixes with the soil and it breaks down organic matter. The soil doesn't become an original soil when there is no microorganism. It is actually working of the microorganism to be able to grow the vegetable well.