Method of keeping good soil

Even if a good soil for the vegetable making is made once, the state of a good soil cannot be maintained as it is. If the soil is not maintained every year, it doesn't become an environment that is appropriate for the growth of the plant.

An organic quality materials will be replenished by about one month before planting.

The number of organisms in the soil the field decreases little by little every year if the resolution and the vegetable etc. of the microorganism are harvested though the organism is naturally replenished by fallen leaf and animal's corpses in the soil of hills and fields. Therefore, it is necessary to put compost, an organic fertilizer, and the fallen leaf, etc. and to replenish the organism.

About 1-2kg or more a square meter is necessary for the amount of the organism put every year. Moreover, it is necessary to replenish the organism consumed by the growth of the vegetable.

Rough tillage and exposure to cold weather

The soil of the field can regain fertility by doing the rough tillage and the exposure to cold weather in winter. The rough tillage is to dig up an underground soil rough. The soil that has been buried under the soil appears in surface of the earth by doing so.

The exposure to cold weather is to maintain the state for one month or more at cold time. Exposing the harmful insect and the bacillus that exists in the soil of winter to the cold of surface of the earth and killing out are the purposes.

It becomes possible to decrease the damage of the disease generation period of summer even a little by doing the exposure to cold weather, and the powerful technique very.

Recently, there is a farmer embarrassed because the number of jumbo mud snails increases in the rice field. In this case, the number of jumbo mud snails can be decreased by doing the rough tillage and the exposure to cold weather at cold time of winter. When the turning is done many times, it seems to be effective.

The injury by continuous cropping is prevented by the rotation of crops.

It becomes impossible to grow the vegetable to which you may gradually decrease amount when the same crops are grown with the same field every year. This is called an injury by continuous cropping.

The reason that gets the injury by continuous cropping might be especially lacked only the specific nourishment that the plant in case of the case for the bacillus and [senchuu] that clings to the grown plant to increase and to happen needs and happen.

The injury by continuous cropping happens also between the vegetables of same "Department" even if the kind is different it. For instance, it becomes an injury by continuous cropping if it crops it continuing the eggplant and the tomato.

So as not to make the same one from the same field to prevent the injury by continuous cropping, "Rotation of crops" is done. The bacillus and the soil nourishment can be prevented being biased by growing a different kind of vegetable in the same field every year.

The turning of the soil is done.

Deterioration in the soil might happen with the rough tillage and the exposure to cold weather of the above-mentioned soil even if crops is rotated. The turning of the soil is done at the frequency about once every five years for this. The soil (soil on the surface) on and the soil (soil of the lower layer) in the under are completely replaced in a word. The turning is one of the soil improvement methods.

The above soil is removed to do this, and the soil in the under is put on another place, the above soil is returned to the lower layer, and the soil in the under is returned to top management. When this is done little by little, it is effective. The labor is very necessary for doing this in a wide field. If heavy equipment (backhoe) is used, it is possible to do easily.

This did the turning of the soil though I was cultivating the field by using the cow with the hoe in childhood.

Difference between fertilizer and compost

Compost is a kind of the fertilizer. However, the fertilizer is not limited to compost. It is "Materials for soil treatment." though compost contains the fertility and the nutrient chiefly. It is usual that the effect to improve the soil is low though the fertilizer contains a lot of nutrients. The commercial fertilizer is chiefly called a fertilizer mentioned here.