Method of soil making for vegetable

The vegetable making is decided with the soil. The vegetable grows up energetically even if nothing is done if it is a soil that is appropriate for the vegetable. The soil making for vegetable method is concretely devised.

To improve the permeability,cultivates it

When it is a state that the grass doesn't grow without planting anything in the soil either, the soil gradually becomes hard. Then, it grubs up earth and it makes it softly. It comes to expose the bacillus that lives in the ploughing soil to sunlight and air and to kill it out.

Moreover, fresh air enters the soil, and the aerobic microbe in the soil becomes active. Cultivating it in a word becomes an origin where the environment to which the plant can be grown is straightened.

30-40cm in depth is dug up as a method of cultivation in the soil in the bush etc. with a shovel and a hoe (mulberry tree). At this time, the root etc. of a small stone, the weed, and the tree are removed. So as not to disturb the expansion of the root of the vegetable, the mass of a big soil is broken in detail with the shovel and the hoe.

The lime (slaked lime etc.) is put and PH of the soil is adjusted.

PH of the soil is adjusted mixing calcareous materials (slaked lime and alkaline material such as calcium hydroxides) with the ploughing soil. Because the soil of the unploughing is mostly acidity, you will bring the soil close to the neutral mixing the lime at once after ploughing. If it is soon after the ploughing, it is also easy to mix it. The lime is not effective only by scattering on the surface. It mixes it without fail with the ploughing soil.

To note it by using the lime is for the nitrogen fertilizer nutrient to become an ammonia gas if the lime mixes with the nitrogenous manure and to be lost in air. Have not it noticed though it smells like ammonia in the field sometimes?Take care because there is no effect of the lime alone but the fertilizer component is lost.

Compost is put and the number of organisms is increased.

Compost is indispensable to keep the crumbled structure of the soil. It becomes the food of a profitable microorganism in the soil. Even if it is not compost, the soil can be prevented from hardening at once because it mixes the grass, the fallen leaf, and rice skin.

The amount of compost puts about 2-5 kilograms a square meter. It puts it a lot in the bush. Ripe compost is put when planting it at once.

It is taken care to put compost after the lime becomes familiar with the soil after putting the above-mentioned lime. Otherwise, the nitrogen of compost gasifies ammonia and comes off.

How to examine quality of soil(simple method)

To examine whether it is a soil that is appropriate for the growth of the plant easily, it can be called a soil that only has to meet the following requirement generally.

  1. Thing that lightly inserts shovel or hoe in soil and sticks easily by about 30cm
  2. Thing to do color with blackish soil
  3. Thing that hardens like dumpling when soil is taken and it grasps strongly
  4. Thing out of shape when the mass is lightly touched by finger

When the borrow material is necessary

There is a case of sand not good and clay in the growth of the plant in the soil of just reclamation. In this case, it is necessary to put the soil that is appropriate for the plant in the different location cultivation and to mix it.

To increase the number of cultivation layer layers, and to make it to a better soil, the purpose of the borrow material is done. I think that you may mix the soil obtained in the do-it-yourself store etc. if there are not a lot of amounts.

The soil becomes hard when water is contained once and it dries afterwards for an argillaceous soil. In this case, compost and rice skin are put a lot. Moreover, I make weathering of the soil frequently do the ploughing and promoted.

For the field of the poor drainage

Because the plant causes the root rot easily in the field where drain to be able to do the puddle is bad after it rains, it does as the ridge is raised and drain is improved. Moreover, drain improves a little when compost is put a lot.

When the rice field is made a field, the soil of the field is put as a borrow material, the surface of the soil is raised, and drain is improved.

When the vegetable is planted in the place that is originally the rice field, it is a culvert drainage work and drain might have to be improved.

For the field where drain is too good

Because drain is too good and it is easy to dry in the soil with a lot of sand, the compound granule structure cannot be done. In that case, because the fertilizer is lost easily with water, it is not good for the growth of the plant. An argillaceous borrow material is done to improve this or compost is mixed a lot.

I think that it is also good to plant the sweet potato, and the length potato that is appropriate for sandiness by using that drain is good oppositely.

Method of reproduction when old soil is recycled

First of all, the soil is applied to sunlight on the day when it often cleared up and it disinfects it. Newspaper etc. are expanded, it expands while loosening the earth on that, and it applies it to sunlight.

The root and the garbage, etc. that have mixed with the soil are removed. When the soil and garbage are divided by using sieve, it is easy.

To reproduce the crumbled structure of the soil, the soil conditioner (compost etc.) is mixed with the soil. Initial manure is incidentally added.