The best germination and growth condition of rice plant

It is the one that germination doesn't become complete quite well though tries and errs to the rice nursery of the rice plant every year. It is the one that doesn't go well easily even if the way from old times is defended. Because you were going should know the best germination condition of the rice plant and manage.

Example of rice nursery near here

Example of rice nursery near here

A lot of people adopt the pool raising in the rice nursery in my vicinity, and the nursery is made in rice field as shown in this figure.

The jar seedling that scatters the seed on the rice nursery that cuts the ditch as shown in this figure and raised it a little is displayed. I think that there are a lot of people who cover on that only with the raising seat.

It covers first with newspaper on the inside, and there is a person who covers on that with a poriferous sheet of polyethylene, too. Each one seems to devise around here.

Because the state of rice field is individually different even if the same way as others is done, the result doesn't necessarily become the same in a similar way.

The result is quite different depending on a sunshine condition, a water temperature, a volume of water of rice field, height of the ridge, and a little condition of the floatage condition etc. of the nursery.

Germination condition of paddy

The seed fir (seed paddy) puts out the bud if there is an ample fluid in germination at the temperature of 15℃ or more. The best temperature for germination is 30-35℃.

Breath becomes active when the albumen first absorbs water by a moderate temperature and moisture and moisture becomes 13% or more, the cell is divided, and the plumule and the radicle start growing up. At this time, the root goes out previously when oxygen is enough. The bud grows previously if oxygen is insufficient.

Generally, the paddy of the seed is put in water, and it applies it to sunlight for several days. Moreover, the paddy of the seed is put in remaining the hot water of the bath. Besides, there is a person who is using a real germination machine, too. About 25℃ that is a little lower than the optimum temperature of germination of the stimulation of germination temperature seems to be good when thinking about the physiology of the rice plant. It will germinate at 25℃ in about four days. (100 days*C)

Growth condition and management of seedling stage (After it sows)

The temperature of 30-35 degrees is kept for 2-4 days and it germinates at a dash when the nursery cabinet etc. are used. Moisture, the temperature, and oxygen are necessary, and light is not necessary by entering the state of about 1cm.

There is a method of the piling of the jar seedling and management because light is especially unnecessary for germination like this, too. Any condition is not cared about if the temperature management and the water management are made in the greenhouse in the house.

The nursery cabinet applies to light after this, it greens, and the leaf greens as it is because light is hit when keeping it warm in the raising seat. It arranges to the raising house afterwards or it moves to the rice nursery rice field and it keeps it warm putting the raising seat. The vinyl tunnel is removed when coming for the temperature do not to have to rise, and to keep it warm.

The heat insulation period in the nursery is too long light shortage with the vinyl tunnel (raising seat and shading seat) etc. make it make the seedling weak and develop uselessly. The seedling is applied to air to prevent them and it raises it to a fat, short, strong seedling. It applies to some low temperature, and useless development (expansion too much) is controlled.

However, the weather might come the early spring and the cold wave come unstably and suddenly. It is necessary to multiply the raising seat at nighttime on the day that frost seems to get off.

Because the limiting temperature to which the rice plant grows up is about 12 degrees or more in about 15 degrees and roots in the leaf, it manages so as not to make it to this or less. It makes to the deep flooding and the seedling is defended in the effect of heat insulation of water (The water temperature around here is about 18 degrees) when seeming to become a low temperature less than this.

Oxygen is insufficient and the root doesn't expand when there is a lot of water and the box of rice plant is being in water when the seedling is small. In this case, water is sometimes decreased and the root is aerated.

Management when growth of seedling is bad

Liquid manure is watered and it multiplies by the seedling when it fails in the temperature management and the water management and the growth of the seedling is late and when the color of the seedling is light.

Moreover, watering the plant activator (brand name HB101) and the enzyme and scattering might be also effective.

It is possible to devise it as long as the condition of germination and the growth of waterfield rice is defended.

Thus, it is possible to devise it as long as the condition of germination and the growth of waterfield rice is defended. It is not necessary to persist in any past way. I will try and err devising it this time.