Method of capturing Japanese bee's dividing

Japanese bee's dividing gathers in the nearby tree etc. and makes bee's ball. To capture the bee, this bee's ball is put in the bee's house. Putting the bee's house that is called a waiting tub to be near is effective of capture.

What is dividing of bee?

A Japanese bee It becomes a situation in which it cannot live because it is narrow when honey and the bee become full in the bee's house, and it increases any further. Then, the queen bee lays new queen candidate's egg in the special nest that is called a royal cell.

The queen bee in old one takes worker bee's half the number along and says dividing of bee from the nest ahead a little from come out by a new queen bee going out.

Divided Japanese bee's ball was captured.

Divided Japanese bee's ball 1 Divided Japanese bee's ball 2

Dividing of gathers in the tree near the bee's house for several hours - two days and makes bee's ball. It searches for the place where the scout bee becomes new those who live between those. When a suitable place is found, it moves all together to the place.

To capture a Japanese bee, this bee's ball is put in the bee's house. Putting the bee's house that is called a waiting box to be near is effective of capture.

This photograph is bee's ball made in the tree of the persimmon in the vicinity. (April 25, 2010)

Dividing of bee had already been captured in this house several days ago. I challenged capture for the first time.

I had a box under bee's ball by the left hand, it dropped by the right hand with a bamboo stick, and slide down and bee's ball dropped in, there was only a cardboard box. The box top was closed as it was, the cardboard box was made upper and lower and inverse, and it took it home quietly by car.

Time when capturing it directly to the bee's house moves the bee again can be saved in reality. Moreover, it is possible to capture it also with the net of the dustpan.

The bee distributes at about five minutes though the remaining bee becomes bee's ball again even if it captures it. It captures it again because there is a possibility in which the queen bee exists in that when not distributing it.

At this time, the shirt extended the sleeve wearing only the hat because there was no side cloth of the net. Still, a Japanese bee stayed in surroundings of the face, dividing, and eyes. It has left the place at once without doing anything because it knows the pierced thing when touching and paying. Never piercingly.

A Japanese bee never stings it on the belly if there is no great thing at dividing of bee and that time after making honey full. Please note that it might be piercing because it doesn't have a large dividing of honeys in the belly if it is in a bad mood when usually living in the bee's house.

Put bee's ball into the bee's house

It threw it in to the bee's house prepared as a waiting box beforehand. This was done alone. The insect repellent side cloth and gloves of the net were worn at this time. First of all, the box top was quietly expanded by both hands with the cardboard box made upper and lower and inverse by both hands, and it brought it on the bee's house.

It was suddenly dropping of shake bee's ball with bee's house as for the cardboard box. The lid was done to the bee's house at once beating the cardboard box rough now.

Everything cannot be put in the box at a time, and bees of a considerable number have fallen in front of the bee's house as shown in this photograph. The bee entered the bee's house everything after this.

In this photograph, it corrected it later though it panicked and steps on the bee's house and steps below shifted. It was losing momentum easy. How though it is good when settling down well?

Method of capture with cymbidium for Japanese bee

The bee is kept and the place where bee's ball can be done is decided roughly. Then, the probability that can be captured goes up when the bee's house that is called a waiting tub in the close vicinity of the place is put, and the flower of the orchis named cymbidium for Japanese bee is put near the bee's house.

It is the one that is not suitable for dividing of bee time of time when the flower of cymbidium for Japanese bee blooms and quite difficult though popularity is high because this method can capture the bee even if an out person is not done anything in daytime.