Japanese honey bee and West honey bee's differences

A Japanese honey bee is a bee that lived in Japan from of old. The West honey bee is the one imported from the West because of apiculture. There are various differences though both honeys can be collected. It is necessary to understand these differences to keep bees.

Japanese honey bee's characteristic and the breeding

A Japanese bee is a bee that lives in the Japanese Islands from of old. It seems to have been done to not sparing of apiculture that used a Japanese bee in Kisyu state clan in Edo period.

In a Japanese bee, it is feature that the collection quantity of honey is a little compared with the West bee. Moreover, there is a character to escape at once if it likes neither the nest nor the environment where it lives. Therefore, breeding of a Japanese bee has decreased gradually after the Meiji era.

There is time when continuing as the seed was worried because the number of trees with broad leaves decreases in the mountainous district because of the afforestation of the Japan cedar and the Japanese cypress, and the number of Japanese bees that live in the wildwood decreases. However, Japanese bee's lover has the symptom that breeding of a Japanese bee revives in the part between Nakayama and the city part recently.

When the vespid is attacked, a Japanese bee can kill the vespid in the group because of heat. However, the nest might be abandoned when the vespid is attacked in the group or it is attacked for days how many and it run away.

Feature of Japanese honey bee's body

Japanese bee's striped pattern in the body is clear. The color in the every part of the body is near the black, and it is feature that the body is a little small compared with the West bee.

Japanese honey bee's character

It is easy to more obedient than the West bee, and the feature in Japanese bee's character to breed to the sickness strongly. However, a Japanese bee runs away at once compared with the West bee when the environment where it lives is bad. A Japanese bee can live by its power in the natural world.

A Japanese bee has the character that bee's crowd concentrates on the special orchis named Kinryouhen flower. The dividing crowd can be captured by using this. The West bee doesn't look round in the flower of Kinryouhen.

West honey bee's characteristic and the breeding

The West bee became by using the bee distributed from Europe in the Middle East as apiculture like the domestic animal. It was imported in Japan because of apiculture at the Meiji era. It is kept to catch honey in Japanese whole land now. It is a feature that the ability to collect honey is high.

The feature in the one kept by the West bee in Japan is to do the color that it is the main and the abdomen is yellow by the kind of Italian kind.

The West bee doesn't have the so many things that oppose a vespine attack in the group. The nest might be abandoned for a vespine attack, it not run away, and one crowd be annihilated in several hours. The West bee cannot live if there is no protection of man in the natural world of Japan.

Feature of West honey bee's body

Width with black striped pattern in the body wider than a Japanese bee near hips, and feature in the chest a near part are to narrow. In the West bee, the color that the color in the every part of the body is near yellow is done, and it is a body or the large one is a feature compared with a Japanese bee.

West honey bee's character

The West bee hangs easily in the sickness in an aggressive character compared with a Japanese bee, and the time of breeding hangs. However, there is little thing from which it runs away.

Method of distinguishing Japanese honey bee and the West honey bee

The easiest distinction method of a Japanese bee and the West bee is to compare the colors of worker bee's abdomen. A Japanese bee is doing a black color to the whole. Moreover, a white striped pattern is remarkable. There is the West bee by the every part of the body and is somewhile yellow. Moreover, a Japanese bee is more diminutive than the West bee.