Honey (utility, efficacy)

Sweeteners of nature that the bee is storing to the nest are called honey . Honey and the pollen that the bee collected from the flower are made a raw material. What processes this honey and commercializes is honey on the market.

Generation process and the element of honey

The invertase is added to the honey that the bee has taken from the flower in bee's inside of the body. And, honey is resolved and the element changes. Moreover, honey evaporates moisture, is concentrated for the bee to always ventilate in the nest and to ventilate it, and sugar becomes about 80% with the temperature of about 35 degree C by bee's metabolic temperature.

The element of honey is a fructose, glucose, an oligosaccharide, and a gluconolactone (honey acid), etc. Others contain various amino acids, the vitamins, and minerals, etc. , and very nutritious food.

Because honey is a compound of various materials, it is usual that the element and the taste are greatly different depending on the kind of the flower that became bee's kind and material.

Use for of honey for food

Honey generally paints on the pancake and bread and is used by eating, and adding to the yogurt. Moreover, it uses it for coffee, tea, and the drink instead of sugar. The cake that adds a large amount of honeys to the roll cake and makes it is sold in the place in which it changes.

As for the fructose of the element of honey, It does not feel sweetness easily at the high temperature, though at the low temperature it is sensitive. The amount must not increase when you put honey in a hot drink.

Because there is a bacteriocidal action, and preservation is good, honey might use the garlic, plum tree, and lemon fruits for the honey pickle.

Use of honey for medicinal use

There are sterilization and an antiinflammatory action and honey can be used to disinfect the wound of the injury. Moreover, it is used also for the recovery of a wound that treats of the stomatitis and is after the operation etc. as a medicine. There is honey as the medicine in a Japanese pharmacopeia.

It is used to work over the powder of the herbal medicine with honey in the Chinese medicine and to roll pills.

Use of honey for beauty

The calorie of honey is about 3kcal a g. As for honey, because sugar is about 4kcal, the calorie (calorie) is lower and 20% or more is also lower than sugar. Moreover, the nutrients such as the amino acid, the vitamins, and minerals are more effective than that of sugar also in a lot of dieting. However, whether it becoming dieting because the intake is known is a doubt.

Even if honey is spread to not only for food but also the skin, the effect of beauty is large. It depends on the element of honey being absorbed directly from the surface of the skin to the hypodermic cell. Honey : to the skin (skin). Provide moisture.It is called a humectant to which nature gave birth.

How to make the honey packing and How to use.
Small spoon 2 and water are applied, and the one that small spoon 1 was mixed is painted on the skin, and gauze is applied up the application of small spoon 1 and flour the application of honey. It washes after a few minutes and it drops.
How to make the honey lemon packing and How to use.
What moderately puts the squeezing soup of the lemon in honey and often mixes it is painted on the skin, and it uses it for packing similarly.
Honey is used for facial cleansing and the shampoo.
A small amount of honey is mixed with the facial cleansing soap liquid and the shampoo liquid and it uses it usually.

Quality of honey on the market

In honey, there is kinds such as pure honey, the Canadian sugar honey, and the refinement honey. Pure honey is honey that doesn't do addition and the quality governing at all.

The Canadian sugar honey is honey that added the isomerization fructose liquid and other saccharides up to less than 40%. In general, it is this Canadian sugar honey that is marketed. Especially, the cheap one of the price is this. The refinement honey is removing of the smell and the color, etc. from honey.

The honey marketed in Japan has often added sweeteners such as the isomerization fructose liquid and the sugar water. The addition of the isomerization fructose liquid and other materials is said that the measurement of the ratio of the distinction and the addition of the isomerization fructose liquid and honey is difficult in the current analysis technique.

Anyway, to request pure honey, I think that I can do nothing but gather in the honey of a Japanese pharmacopeia or the apiculture place and request the thing of setting up.

Notes of honey use

Honey is seen only to be good, and there is a point about which it should take care as follows, too.

Baby botulism

The spore of botulinus might be included in honey. The botulinus contained in honey is sterilized with acid in the stomach, and it is not possible to breed by enterobacteria, and there is little problem when the adult eats.

However, the state of a digestive organ and enterobacteria might go and botulinus still go even to intestines for a baby not normal. Therefore, do not give honey to less than one-year-old baby.

It never dies by honey though it seems that botulinus dies in honey because honey has the bacteriocidal action because botulinus is dormancy. It is possible to kill it out if it heats it.

Mixing of other poisonous substances

Pollen and the honey made from the toxic plant aconite and azalea of the lotus are poisonous. Moreover, there is an example that is detected the antibiotic not let to be detected from honey, and it is necessary to note it regardless of domestic production or foreign. Note too cheap honey and uncertain honey at the obtaining destination.

If he or she carelessly eats honey, the person who has the allergy in a specific plant occasionally becomes an allergy symptom. It seems that it is difficult to look for the one without the mixing disregarding though it is desirable to use the one to understand the gathered plant. You will use little by little and confirm it.

Japanese bee's honey

The marketed honey is honey that all almost gathered from the West bee. It is done to induce Japanese bee's wild group to an artificial nest in Japan from of old and to take honey. It is very difficult, and it seems to have dealings over this obtaining by high price though as for this Japanese bee's honey, there are a lot of people who are thick and like taste.