[Kinryouhen-cymbidium] (bee orchis) and the how to grow up

[Kinryouhen-cymbidium] is the Orient orchis (Cymbidium) that grows naturally in a Chinese southern part. There is a thin leaf of about 20-30cm in length, and the scape of the arch type is extended and the flower is made to bloom at the April-May. It is a valuable plant that has been used from of old as the plant that invites only a Japanese bee. It is quite ineffectual than the West bee.

What is [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]?

[Kinryouhen-cymbidium] (It is said the vicinity of the money mausoleum, and the bee orchis) is a companion of the Cymbidium  it, has the part that is called a nectary gland that secretes the honey that a Japanese bee likes, and has the character to invite only the ant and the Japanese bee that other insects mysteriously dislike. When a Japanese bee gathers in [Kinryouhen-cymbidium], it becomes it by the hiding of the flower and disappearing.

This photograph is purchase of the seedling to capture a Japanese bee with [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]. Is there a scene that appears in [Kinryouhen-cymbidium] recently because the number of Japanese bees has decreased?

Flower of [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]

As for this photograph, the flower bloomed in the gotten orchis in the place where a Japanese bee was invited though it was not [Kinryouhen-cymbidium].

[Kinryouhen-cymbidium] exactly. see the blooming flowerBecause the flower is not so large, I think that it is a stock seed of [Kinryouhen-cymbidium].

It is late that the flower blooms, and Japanese bee's amount bee's time has passed because it never indoors took it. I want to take it indoors ahead of time next year. (May 22, taking a picture and 2010)

What is a Japanese harmony bee?

Japanese bee's (harmony bee) honey in the bee that exists in Japan from of old like the West bee It is not bee that collects (honey) a lot. A Japanese bee is providing with the means to oppose natural enemy's vespid compared with the West bee. It clings to the vespid in the group even if the vespid goes into the nest, and it seems to kill the vespid by the temperature because of heat.

A Japanese bee is captured with [Kinryouhen-cymbidium].

A Japanese bee lives with worker bees in the group around the queen bee. It gives birth to the queen bee when this crowd prospers and it grows and it goes out of the nest separately for crowd two crowds it. It is the one that is called this amount of bee.

At this time, an old queen takes the worker bee from the nest and it goes out. It is the one that is called, the birdhouse to capture this is "Waiting box". The trapping rate improves when orchis named [Kinryouhen-cymbidium] of the companion of the Cymbidium at this time (orchis) flower is used together though even only the waiting box can capture the bee.

You will multiply the nets of detailed eyes by the entire [Kinryouhen-cymbidium] though you may use [Kinryouhen-cymbidium] as it is. This is because the flower wilts because of bee's temperature. There is information that the flower doesn't last long when the bee is pollinated, too.

Cultivation method of [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]

Place that is appropriate for cultivation
It grows it in winter in outdoor of the place that frost that a cold north wind doesn't hit doesn't get off. Because it likes sunlight, it puts it on the place where sunshiny is good. You will not apply it to direct sunshine so much because it causes the leaf scorch at the midsummer.
Method of managing temperature
It improves with the flower when the lowest temperature is made to become to 10 degree C or less in winter. However, please do not freeze. The temperature at nighttime must not become 15 degree C or more.
Way of water
It is watering. in early morning or the evening in spring - summer enough. It refrains from the watering a little between autumn and winter, and it makes it to extent so not dry.
Way of fertilizer
A solid fertilizer of an organic quality is done at the term of growth of spring - summer, and liquid manure thin 2-3 times a month is done. It refrains from the fertilizer in the high temperature period (day when the highest temperature is 30 degree C or more) at the midsummer.
Planting substitution time and method
When flowering ends and the sprout begins to expand, it thinks about the planting substitution. The planted soil uses pumice, Berk, the bog moss, and the Kanuma soil mixing it. Generally, the soil used for the japanese cymbisium is used.
Method of dividing stock
The growing stock does and increases stock division. To assume one stock more than three valves, stock division does stock division. The valve is avoided and it separates politely by the kitchen knife, the spatula, and the hand, etc.A withering valve of which the leaf has not gone out is removed, and the valve that is not withering is left. About one week is secretly put at half a day after stock division.
Prevention of virus disease
Generally, because it is difficult to cure it when getting sick by one degree, the virus disease of the orchis is prevented by virus antiseptic solution "[Bisutoron]" etc.

Cymbidium and [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]

A big greenhouse and equipment were originally necessary for the Cymbidium to be large the flower and the stock, and to grow it. On the other hand, the floral bud was attached small by [Kinryouhen-cymbidium]. Therefore, there are a lot of one that makes [Kinryouhen-cymbidium] parents and hybridized as for the Cymbidium that appreciates a present flower.