Measures when it is stung by bee (attention of insect sticking)

Piercingly at time when the honey at the time etc. of winter is a little though a Japanese bee is never pierced comparatively mildly compared with the West bee. mightIs the coping process when it is stung by the bee good when doing very?

Let's defend so that it is not stung by the bee.

When the bee is maintained or honey is gathered, defending is important so that it should not be stung by the bee. Piercingly when thinking, "It might be safe a little". might

Wear the long sleeve and long trousers, and put on the side cloth of the net. Wear gloves. So as not to expose the skin, you will defend at least though it doesn't keep exaggerated so much for a Japanese bee.

Coping process when it is stung by bee

Let's deal as follows for the emergency when it is stung by the bee.

Let's pull out the venomous spine as soon as possible.
Let's pull out the venomous spine as soon as possible when thinking piercing. The needle often remains in the pierced place, there is [dokunou] with the needle, and pull it out quickly, please.
Flushes in water, and the poison is sucked.
Please flush it in water because the poison is a water solubility. Moreover, the poison is sucked out by the mouth and it vomits. When the poison can begin to be squeezed, it suppresses and it begins to squeeze it. There is a method of using the suck pump to pull out the poison, too.
Go to the doctor ahead of time
Please put oneself under a doctor's care in the person in the vespid venom who becomes the weak person and anaphylaxis shock easily at once. Especially, it is likely to die by the vespid venom for the vespid.
Hives might occur, become unpleasant, and swell awfully. Might a lot piercingly or the vespid venom be strong, and the bee become awful.
Ointment or painted, and then put a plaster
The one that the antihistamine and the adrenal corticosteroid entered seems to be effective well. Please consult in the drugstore and buy it.
The diseased part is cooled.
When the allowance ends, you seem should cool the diseased part at once. You will cool it until the pain is lost. However, note cooling too much.

What is the anaphylaxis shock?

It is an anaphylaxis shock symptom that it is the scariest it is stung by the bee. It is a kind of antigen-antibody reaction that reacts to the poison of bee's no poison it, and bee in hypersensitivity.

If this anaphylaxis shock symptom is the experience stung by the bee in the past, and can do the antigen to the vespid venom afterwards, the symptom becomes awful. Therefore, please take care especially when it is stung by the bee after the second.

If it is stung by the bee, breathing difficulties and the decreased blood pressure, etc. might be caused on the inside, and it become it at risk though there is a person who goes out the symptom such as hives. Call an ambulance at once when thinking that the appearance is amusing even a little because such anaphylaxis shock will happen in a short time extremely.

Method of making to no attack of bee easily

In general, bees may be attacked approaches within a certain distance. For this reason, you find the hive is first and stay away from wasps and hornets.

It doesn't move excessively even if coming so that the bee is near. It gets excited, and when it moves, it threatens, and the bee attacks it.

Moreover, the bee tends to attack the black color thing. Please a black hair and regarding, etc. might be attacked, and lower the head and part promptly.

Use neither cosmetics nor the hair dressing, etc. with strong perfume smell because the bee has the character to attack what the smell does.