Nourishment and effect of apple

If it is one like the representative of the fruit, and it is Japanese, it might eat the apple every day. When it eats the apple, it is very effective in the improvement of health. The nourishment of the apple and the effect were examined.

What is the apple?


The apple ( The apple, and the scientific name are Malus pumila) is fallen leaf of the rosaceous apple belonging. The apple tree or the fruits are called an apple. It is called [seiyouringo] on botany.

The kind of this photograph is San Fuji. It basks enough in sunlight with a no bag and grown what is shipped by the name of "San Fuji". It is the very delicious one. The taste is not so good though the one that the bag was put on the apple reddens the color, and is good externals.

Nourishment of apple

As for the apple, dietary fiber, vitamin C, the mineral, and potassium are abundantly contained. The apple is very high the nutritive value, and has the proverb "One apple a day keeps away the doctor" "An apple a day keeps the doctor away.".

It is said that there is an effect of controlling the accumulation of fat in the apple polyphenol included in the apple. This was effective and it made fun and , apple dieting became popular greatly.

Moreover, it is likely not to rot on the soil until autumn and to remain in small, immature [hata] of the thinning out in early summer by the apple farmer. As for this, it has been understood that the polyphenol of the apple is related.

Healthy effect of apple

The blood pressure falls when it eats three day apples or more in the effect of the potassium of the element of the apple, and it is said that the number of the apoplexy and high blood pressure syndrome will decrease.

The apple contains a lot of dietary fibers, and is very effective in the relief of constipation as well as the potatoes, beans, and seaweeds. I think that you eat the apple as it is or may make to the juice and drink.

It is said that the pectin that regulates the functions of the intestines to the apple, and is contained in the apple is effective when eating when the detoxication is effective and the condition of intestines such as diarrhea is bad.

Use as eating apple

There is a skin in the surface of the apple. I think this skin for agricultural chemicals etc. to have adhered or for a lot of people who peel off the skin of the problem of the taste and eat to exist. However, it might eat each skin for nourishment and health. As for the taste, acidity and sweetness are various according to the kind.

It is about the middle of November generally from the middle of September though the apple crop depends on the kind. As for the apple, a long-term storing is possible by doing the refrigeration preservation by the hypoxic state. Therefore, it can eat the apple almost all the year round.

It is likely to be processed to the juice, jam, the baked-apple berry, and the apple wine, etc. in case of the case to make to for food as it is like the life and to be used.

The part that is called "Honey" of the apple is a sorbitol. This honey is not so sweet because of the one made from the process to which the apple is mature. It tends to be liked generally probably because of ..the honey looking to sweetness... Please note that what kept for a long term also has the one that honey has been changed into brown.

The overeating of the apple has been noted.

It is very delicious, and note the overeating even very much about the apple, please though it is possible to eat. There are a lot of calories and it grows fat when a lot of eating because it contains a lot of sugar.

Use of skin of an apple

The skin of an apple is dried with the microwave oven etc. and it preserves it in the bottle. A dry skin is added to tea and it makes it to the Apple tea. Delicious Apple tea can be easily done.

Effect of ethylene gas of apple

Because the apple generates the ethylene gas voluminously when the apple is kept, ripening of other fruits kept together might be brought forward. Therefore, the apple makes it put in another plastic bag etc. and keep in the vegetable room etc. of the refrigerator.

Moreover, the potato lasts long when one apple is put in the bag that the potato enters because there is an effect of preventing the potato from germinating when keeping it oppositely with the potato.

Preservation method of apple

Because the vertical motion of the temperature is disliked most in the preservation of the apple, it seals up to the plastic bag, it makes in the refrigerator, and it makes it to preservation. In the best condition for preservation, the temperature is about 0℃, and humidity is about 85-90%.