Nourishment and effect of kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is a vine plant of a dioecious fallen leaf of the gambler's wandering department gambler's wandering belonging. The fruits are nutritious though acidity is strong. [Sarunashi] of the gambler's wandering belonging that exists in Japan from of old is like to the kiwi fruit well.

Photograph of kiwi fruit

Photograph of kiwi fruit

There is a kind such as golden kiwis of a yellow flesh and small baby kiwis in the kiwi fruit of peculiar sweetness though it is sour. Many of kiwi fruits on the market are from New Zealand. The domestic one lines up in the shop in around December - April. It is possible to grow it as a kitchen garden by the sapling's being sold in the gardening shop and the do-it-yourself store.

Nourishment of kiwi fruit

The flesh of a usual kiwi fruit is green, and there is a seed black like sesame in surroundings of white fruits.

The main component of fruits, sugars glucose and fructose, and citric acid, malic acid and quinic acid and organic acids. Actinidin because it contains a proteolytic enzyme also is used to soften the meat applications. Also helps promote digestion.

The feature in the kiwi fruit is to contain a lot of vitamins C and chlorophyls. The element contained by the kind of the kiwi fruit is greatly different.

Use of kiwi fruit

It eats raw.
The skin of the ripe fruit is taken, and it eats, and after it cuts it in the half, it eats only the flesh with the spoon. The salad, the dessert, and use are done.
It processes it to jam.
It boils adding sugar, it packs, and it preserves it. In addition, it is possible to make it like [youkan] to the condensation.
It makes it to sake and the fruit wine.
It makes it to wine, and it soaks to white liquor and it makes it to the fruit wine the brewing.

Cultivation method of kiwi fruit

The cultivation of the kiwi fruit is comparatively easy. The seedling is bought in the gardening shop and the do-it-yourself store. Even only the female plant seems to put the truth because there are a lot of people who grow it recently though the male and famale is usually planted by one stock.

The crane is arranged like the wistaria trellis and it grows it. Fruits of the amount that cannot be eaten can be harvested in around October - November when it goes well.

The sugar concentration lowers when a lot of truth is put and the acid increases the kiwi fruit. When the size of fruits becomes a table tennis ball, the fruit thinning is moderately done. It is delicious when eating after it preserves for about 1-3 months without eating at once after it harvests and it ripens it.

Preservation method of kiwi fruit

When the kiwi fruit that has not ripened is ripened at about 20℃, it becomes delicious. It easily wraps it by the plastic bag to prevent dryness at that time.

It ripens early when the apple is pouched together. When fruits are lightly pushed by the finger, ripe extent is understood. The color discolors, too.