Nourishment and use of dried gourd shavings

Nobody might eaten dried gourd shavings by the Japanese. However, I think that there are a lot of people who do not know whether dried gourd shavings consist of what. Dried gourd shavings stripped off fruits of the moonflower like the string and were dry of it.

Photograph of fruits of dried gourd shavings (moonflower)

Photograph of fruits of dried gourd shavings (moonflower)

Dried gourd shavings is foods that make fruits of a moonflower cucurbitaceous in this photograph like the string and are dry. It grew at home, the grandmother made this a round slices, it stripped off long and slenderly, it dried, and I was making it in childhood though I decreased the number of those who grew it now.

dried gourd shavings returns by water, boils, and is used for the tool material, the boiled food, and the dressing thing etc. of the sushi usually. It is a feature that there are a lot of dietary fibers in the low calorie content.

Use of dried gourd shavings

It uses as a tool of the rolled sushi and a tool of the vegetables and omelette like fried egg on top, the rolled seaweed and the deep-frying purse of the boiled food are connected, and general use of dried gourd shavings is used. The taste is made to be soaked when boiling because there is little taste in dried gourd shavings.

It is used also for the boiled food, the stir-fry, the vinegared dish, and the salad, etc.

Nutritional content of dried gourd shavings

A lot of nutritional contents such as, calcium (Ca), potassium (K), phosphoruss (P), and iron contents (Fe) are included. Moreover, the thing with especially abundant dietary fibers is known.

Cultivation method of moonflower

Sowing of the moonflower is about March - April, and the harvest is about July - September. Because the moonflower doesn't grow up well in a strong acid soil, it plants in the field where slaked lime was given beforehand and it applies it. Compost, the oil cake, and phosphatic and compound fertilizer are used for initial manure. The moonflower notes the weakness to serial cultivation. Three years are not to grow a cucurbitaceous plant to a place the same so that neither the vine crack disease nor harm by the eelworm may go out.

As for how to tailor the vine, a main vine picks the wick by paragraph about 5. Then, the sub-vine with good power comes out. This is extended. The vine that went out of the sub-vine is picked until the truth is put on the sub-vine.

Note it by growing the moonflower.

It blooms as shown in the name of moonflower in the evening and the flower will wither next morning. If the flower blooms, you will pollinate artificial because it doesn't pollinate easily because it is a flower at night.