Effect of burdock(nourishment and cultivation method of burdock)

The burdock is a perennial of the mum department burdock belonging. The height of the stalk is about 50cm-1m. The stalk is made huge when putting it without harvesting the root. It is about 50cm-1m though the length of the taproot depends on the kind.

Root of burdock(part made for food)

Tuber of burdock

The root of the burdock is assumed to be for food. I think that the usage is often made [kinpira], the tempura, and a boiled food.

In season of the burdock usually harvests a new burdock in early summer though the early winter. There is the short one that digs easily recently though it is usual that the root of the burdock is long, too.

Not doing is general though it eats the root of the burdock in Japan, a Korean peninsula, and a part of China with for food in other provinces. There are the provinces where it eats young leaves of the burdock as a salad, too.

Burdock flower

Burdock flower

This is a burdock flower. The time of the flower is a June-July. Such a flower bloomed when putting it without harvesting the burdock planted in the previous year. The height of the stalk became as many as 1.5m.

It looks like the flower of the carduus in purple. There is a bindieye in a total cornhusk the feature.

Taking a picture July 14, 2011

Medicinal effect of burdock

The root of the burdock perspires as a medical herb, and there is a diuretic action. Moreover, the seed of the burdock is used for the edema, the pharyngeal pain, and the detoxication.

It eats the seed to treat the mastitis, and there is a method of the infusion of the seed and drinking, too.

The root of the burdock are a lot fibered, and is effective in the prevention of constipation. It is effective also in the prevention of the large intestine cancer and the rectum cancer as well as a general vegetable.

Use of burdock

After it exposes enough to water after the skin is peeled off completely and lye is pulled out, the burdock is cooked because lye is strong though the root of the burdock is assumed to be for food.

Cultivation method of burdock

The suitable temperature of growth of the burdock is 20-25℃. The stalk and the leaf are weak to the cold, and it withers in the temperature of about 3℃ or less. However, even if it is strong in the cold, and spends winter by it, the root puts out the bud.

Because the seed doesn't germinate easily because it is hard, it soaks it to water all day and all night. Water is substituted on the way because the germination inhibitor is included in the testa.

When soaking it to the water before it seeds it because the seed of the burdock is good light, it puts it on the well-lighted area. The soil covering after it seeds it is made shallow whether to see or not to see the seed.

Do not crop it in the same place for about five years or more because there is an injury by continuous cropping.

Method of harvesting burdock

There is reeling in the autumn that is seeded in reeling and September in spring that is seeded at the March-April and harvested next ten - January and harvested next June-July. It hitches after it digs deeply near the burdock and it pulls it out. Because this is very heavy labor, you might plant the kind with a short root.