Cod's nourishment and dish methods

In the cod, it is a deep-sea fish, there is a peculiar stinky, fat is a little. Cod's popularity is not good.

Cod's characteristic

It doesn't move so much though the cod lives in the ocean, and is eating a lot of food. Therefore, a lot of growing to the extent that it eats, there are few fats on the muscle, and only moisture is a fish that is.

The cod is good food in low fat. However, neither the texture nor the flavor are good. Moreover, there is stinky of deep-sea fish's characteristic, and the texture is not good when heating it. Cod's popularity is not good.

Cod's nourishment

Because the lipid is few, the cod is the best for the elderly person food and the weaning food. A lot of vitamins A, vitamins D, and vitamins E are contained for the white meat fish.

Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Moreover, a lot of pantothenic acids and zincs are contained in the cod roe. Zinc is a key nutrient to working of the immune function and the taste.

Basic cooking method of eating cod delicious

A lot of elements of trimethylamine oxide are included in the cod so that the cod may live in the ocean of about 500 meters in depth, and endure this hydraulic pressure of about 50 atmospheres. This is an origin of cod's smell.

Moreover, because the cod hardly moves unlike the ocean-ranging fish, it is not necessary to save fat. Therefore, it cannot be said to the cod the fish that is juicy, is few, delicious in fat. Processing with the salt before it eats is very important to eat cod's body delicious.

It seems to become very delicious only because the cod is salted, it leaves for about 15 minutes, and it boils it with the hot water for about four minutes. They are made the salt of the weight of cod's body like about 2% and to become familiar. It becomes a texture ..fuming.. done when putting it for 15-20 minutes afterwards.

The salt used here not only improves the texture but also suppresses perfume. It did for NHK and it introduced cod's delicious cooking method with [gatten].

Dish that uses cod example

Roasting in a covered pan that uses cod's oven

The white meat of the cod that puts seaweed on aluminum foil and processed salinity on that is put. Next, sake is moderately sprinkled. The round slices of the lemon and Yuzu orange is put in the favorite. Greens and kinds of mushrooms boiled by the fish are affixed. The lid of aluminum foil is done, and it heats with the oven suitably.

Stir-frying of cod's chilli sauce

The cod cuts it in the width of about 3cm. The salt is made to be become familiar and it puts it for about 15 minutes. 1/2 albumen and potato starch are mixed with the cod and two big spoons are mixed. This is deep-fried in the oil of 170℃.

1/2 onions and 2 green peppers are stir-fried and what switched off and putting, ginger 5 grams, and 1/2 two garlic red red peppers of the war are stir-fried with the frying-pan and oil. When the smell goes out, each the vegetable, the catsup 60mg, sake, and sugar big spoon 1, big spoon 1/2 of the soy sauce, and chicken soup 1 cup are added.

When this source boils, the cod is put, and stickiness is put out by the potato starch thinned by water.