Bonito's medicinal effect and use

The bonito is the sea bass, and it is a fish that lives in the seawater of the Saba family and large-scale eating meat fish. The total length of the body also has 40cm-1m. The body is a streamlined spindle type. The part of the back is dark blue purple, and the part of the belly is lustrous in the silver white color. Vertical stripes of a blue black appear after it dies.

Bonito's photograph

Photograph of bonito's Tataki

There is in season of the bonito twice about the early autumn that is called - early summer and return bonito in the spring that is called first bonito. In the bonito, the protein is a fish that it is very abundant and the lipid is comparatively few. The low calorie content is a delicious fish.

I love bonito's [Tataki]. It has participated in the all-you-can-eat of [Tataki] of the bonito on the trip to Shikoku. It is the very delicious in case of eat with garlic one.

Bonito's medicinal effect

The bonito contains a lot of good quality vitamins, minerals, and the proteins. Especially, the part it is the blood combination contains nourishment and especially abundant, good quality enough iron content and vitamin groups are contained.

Moreover, the taurine and calcium including vitamin B family's niacin are abundantly contained. A lot of vitamins D that help the absorption of the calcium are contained.

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) also prevents a lot of cerebral thrombosis, cardiac infarction, and the geriatric diseases such as arteriosclerosis. Moreover, there is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), too the brain cell is activated, and it is said that the memory will be improved.

Bonito's use

Dried bonito

The part of bonito's meat is dried, it dries, and what processed to preserve it for a long time is called a dried bonito. There are a manufacturing method etc. that cut down the surface of a manufacturing method that makes to the smoking and removes moisture and a dry dried bonito, cause mold, and ripen it.

Bonito's slices of raw fish and [Tataki]

The pain is the early one though bonito's slices of raw fish are delicious. It often eats bonito's slices of raw fish with ginger, garlic, and the horseradish, and there is a thing eats with the ponzu sauce, the soy sauce, and a large amount of spring onion, too. Bonito's [Tataki] is the one having tightened with ice roasting the part and the surface of the skin by the fire such as straw.

How to eat frozen bonito's [Tataki]

First of all, [Tataki] of the frozen bonito is naturally defrosted. Please do the combustion to about 1cm in thickness in the fish slicer up diagonally completely.

After it cuts it, the salt is sprinkled a little. Afterwards, they are made to become familiar lightly beating by the palm. It puts it for a few minutes as it is.

Please garnish the seasoning such as the leaves of the garlic slice, ground ginger, the carving spring onion, and the perilla by the favorite after dishing up bonito's [Tataki] to the container. It eats the ponzu sauce that uses the bitter orange putting it.

Origin of bonito's [Tataki]

The bonito is a fish that originally has a peculiar smell. To erase the smell, the surface is roasted by the fire. Because the etymology of [Tataki] had been burnt after the bonito of the life was divided in four, the salt was shaken, and it beat with the kitchen knife, the name of "[Tataki]" seems to have been given.

Moreover, the territory people in Tosa seem to have become food poisoning eating the bonito of the life in Edo period why it had come to burn. It is said that it started from telling of it burn if lord's Yutaka Yamauchi 1 is it at that time and eating.