Effect of du zhong tea (element, medicinal effect, and use of du zhong)

The tree of the du zhong to be du zhong department, and du zhong belonging. When about 20 years have passed since it planted it, it becomes the gigantic tree of 10m or more in height. In the dioecism, the white flower that green drove blooms in the female plant.

History of du zhong tea use

The country of origin of the du zhong is called a three major great medicine in the Chinese medicine in China. The skin of the du zhong is dried in China and it is assumed, "Medicine of the perpetual youth and longevity" when infusing and drinking and has been grown. It is called about Nara era-Heian era that the du zhong came to Japan. Obtaining seemed to be difficult and in the du zhong, to be expensive as well as Korean ginseng.

It takes years of years how many for the tree of the du zhong to grow up greatly. When bark is harvested once, years or more of several ..the reproduction.. are required. The du zhong leaf comes to be made tea afterwards, and it has spread as a du zhong tea like present because a lot of amounts cannot be caught in having used only the skin.

Photograph of leaf of du zhong

Photograph of leaf of du zhong

The du zhong leaf can use this young leaves as tea as shown in this photograph in the oval. If it is young leaves, it is possible to harvest a lot even by a young tree. When it tears up the leaf, the string of white gummy is pulled.

The coat of bark is rough in ash brown. The inside of bark is a burnt umber, and it is smooth. When it breaks off bark and the branch, the resin remains.

Because the du zhong tea was good for health, I decided to grow it to drink daily by myself. About two was planted between the field and the mountain of my home. It planted it in the place with room enough for surroundings because it seemed to become a gigantic tree.

If ten years have not passed in the vicinity since it planted it, the female plant of the du zhong seems to be flowerless. Afterwards, the truth is put. The active ingredient is included in all of the leaf, the flower, the truth, and bark.

Active ingredient and medicinal effect of du zhong tea (grove relations leaf tea)

The du zhong leaf contains a lot of various mineral elements such as the iron content necessary for the health maintenance, zinc, potassium, calcium, and magnesium and the vitamin groups. Additionally, the alkaloid, the pectin, and tannin, etc. are contained in the active ingredient of the du zhong tea.

It seems to make the blood pressure prevent arteriosclerosis as a medicinal effect of the du zhong tea and descend, and there to be an improvement of the liver function, an improvement of the hematogenous disorder, a diuretic property, and an analgesic effect. Moreover, it might be good for dieting and the metabolic syndrome because it is said that there is working that decreases the number of visceral fats in the du zhong tea.

As for the du zhong tea, the effect can be drunk at ease because there is calmly no side effect.

How to make and use of du zhong tea

The water of about one liter is put in the kettle, and please make to the low flame and boil the tea packing of a du zhong tea on the market between divisors when the leaf that one or the du zhong dries (one spoon) is put, and it boils. When the effect is increased, you may increase the amount of the du zhong tea.

I think that everyone can drink delicious because the du zhong tea is a sweet, somehow mellow taste, and a drink without the habit. When this taste is hated, you may drink mixing it with green tea and tea.

Moreover, it might be unquestionable because there is no caffeine even if it drinks before it goes to bed. If possible, I think that drinking daily keep is good for health.

Cultivation method of du zhong tea

Because the tree of the du zhong originally has the character that the insect etc. are not allowed to come near, it is not necessary to use agricultural chemicals at all. It is strong also in the temperature and is possible to grow it anywhere. Therefore, it is possible to grow it comparatively easily. Generally, if it is a soil that is appropriate for the cultivation of the plant, it might be unquestionable. Because the tree grows, let's plant it in the place where room exists enough in surroundings.

How to make du zhong tea in home (processing method)

After the leaf of the harvested du zhong is washed, it cuts it out to a suitable size. It arranges up and the permeability such as winnowers is dried in the sun though it is good.

You may roast with the wok and the frying-pan, etc. and make it. So as not to scorch the sprout, it is moderately dried while mixing it. The one on the market is made chiefly roasting it.