Effect of perilla (element, medicinal effect, use, and cultivation method)

The country of origin of the perilla is Southeast Asia. It is a savory herb also in Japan for a long time that has been grown. Red perilla is used for coloring and pickles etc. of a pickled ume and bright red ginger. Blue perilla a leaf is called a large leaf, and this peculiar smell is used for slices of raw fish, the tempura, and the seasoning, etc.

Origin of alias of perilla

The young person in Luoyang seemed to eat the crab too much at about the end of the age of "Gokan" of China and to have caused food poisoning. The great doctor infused a purple medical herb and it drank though the young person was dying. Then, the young person seems to have become energetic in a moment. This seems to have come to call, "Perilla" with "Revive" medicine of "Purple".

Photograph of leaf of perilla

Photograph of leaf of perilla

It is a photograph of the leaf of a red perilla that grows in the garden and the field of my home every year. It grows naturally for a long time though it doesn't plant.

It puts it until being able to have the seed without pulling out of how many and withering. The following age of depending and leaving it grows, too. Especially, the fertilizer is not done.

Blue perilla of the cultivated species is planted, and this grows naturally similarly every year.

Active ingredient and medicinal effect of perilla

In the Chinese medicine, the leaf of a red perilla is usually called "Perillae folium" or "Perilla leaf". There is an effect of the improvement of the state that the nature has stagnated, and stabilizing the spirit.

Moreover, the truth (seed) to which the perilla ripens is used to treat the cough, asthma, and constipation, etc.

The leaf of the perilla contains the element of [rozumarin] acid, and it is used as health food usefully to the allergosis.

How to make perilla juice (perilla syrup)

Please add and subtract the amount of the material according to the favor. The amount becomes suitable if it always makes it.


The perilla: 400-500g, red perillas, and blue perillas are acceptable. The stalk is left adhering, too.

Water: Two liters and water evaporate while boiling and decrease a little.

Sugar: The amount is added and subtracted by 500g-1kg and the favor.

The citric acid: The amount is added and subtracted by 20-30g and favors. It sells it to the drugstore.

Perilla juice (perilla syrup) how to make and how to drink

First of all, the harvested perilla is often wet-cleaned and the soil and dirt are removed. The perilla is put in the boiling hot water, and it boils down for about 15 minutes.

The perilla is removed, it puts sugar in, and it melts it by the low flame. Afterwards, the citric acid is put.

It puts it in the bottle and the PET bottle, etc. straining it with gauze and the cooking paper after it naturally cools it.

The stock solution that can be done is cooled with the refrigerator and preserved. It thins to about five times by water and it drinks. You may moderately put ice and cool it.

Because it is sweet, acid, and the smell of the perilla does, I think it is delicious. In a transparent, red color like wine, externals are also beautiful.

Cultivation method of perilla

The seed is scattered like the streak or it distributes and it scatters it. Let's thin out when it is crowded. It pinches out the growing tip to harvest a lot of leaves.

Because it is likely to rust occasionally, ventilation is improved. It widens between stocks.

Because the perilla is a vegetable grown easily, it is possible to harvest only by planting it anyway. Agricultural chemicals need not be used.