Effect of sweet potato (medicinal effect and use of sweet potato)

Because the sweet potato can grow even in land where the fertilizer is a little, and is included a lot of glucidics, it is food that has saved a lot of lives of the person as food at the famine and food shortage.

Photograph of sweet potato

Photograph of sweet potato

Generally, the potatoes contain a lot of glucidics as well as grain such as rice and wheat. Moreover, because the sweet potato contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, it is called a semi-complete food.

It was always a sweet potato in sweets because it was sold that I grew rice in the farmer around here in childhood and it obtained cash earnings. It steamed fully washing the sweet potato a big boiler as usual when returning from the school. This was children's roles.

Because it is a sweet potato every day every day, it eats and it has gotten tired. However, the sweet potato was quite good food.

Element and medicinal effect of sweet potato

The dietary fiber abundantly included in the sweet potato usually stimulates the large intestine by the cellulose of no solubleness that can be digested and is useful for prevention and the improvement of constipation. Everyone might have the experience of eating the sweet potato when constipated.

Moreover, white soup that goes out of the cut when the sweet potato is cut says the jalapin, and is effective in constipation because there is working that softens service and improves the motion in this respect.

A lot of vitamins C equal with citrus fruits are contained in the sweet potato. Because starch wraps and vitamin C of the sweet potato is protected, the loss by heat seems to be a little though general vitamin C breaks if it heats it.

Moreover, the chlorogenic acid which is a kind of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin E and the polyphenol and the carotene and β-anthocyanin are contained in the sweet potato. These elements have working that removes the active oxygen called a cause of aging and the lifestyle disease, etc.

A lot of minerals such as potassium and calcium that exhaust extra salinity in the inside of the body are contained in the sweet potato.

Use of sweet potato (use and heating of skin)

As for calcium in the sweet potato, the amount of about 40mg in 100g is included. Especially, because the calcium about five times the pulp is contained in the skin, it is the one to be eaten each skin without taking the skin.

Moreover, white soup that goes out of the cut when the sweet potato is cut is called a jalapin. This softens the fecal matter and improves the street of the fecal matter.

Because a lot of glucidics are included as for the sweet potato, it is not usually sweet so much though tends to be seemed to be sweet. The sweetness of the sweet potato becomes stronger because of working of the enzyme of β-amylase. A large amount of maltose is generated with working of this enzyme by the process of heating it and sweetness increases.

This enzyme doesn't work well in the temperature rise for a short time with a microwave oven, and work long by certain at the limited temperature zone of 60-80℃. Therefore, it is likely to dehydrate to the roasting on hot pebbles potato that passes heat deliberately spending time and sweetness becomes delicious strongly.

Cultivation method and storing method of sweet potato

The sweet potato is strong in the heat and dryness, and the type of soil is not especially chosen. There is no problem if sunshiny and drain are good land.

The ridge is made beforehand before it transplants. The ridge of about 60-80cm in the furrow and about 30cm in height is made. The watering  soil is dampened before and after planting when the soil is dry and putting it.

The root has not grown in the sweet potato seedling. The cut of the seedling is applied to water beforehand. The stalk is buried under the soil and the green part puts it out to the ground.

A lot of compound fertilizers at phosphoric acid (P) and a Canadian hometown (potassium K) etc. are moderately done between stocks when expanding though it will hang in about three weeks after it plants it. Afterwards, weeding is held concurrently and the soil is drawn.

The trial digging is made the middle of August - the end of August. A real harvest is made about October - November. It digs after all cranes are reaped. It is noted not to damage the potato. The damaged potato eats ahead of time.

The storing temperature of the sweet potato doesn't make it to 10℃ or less. It rots when becoming a low temperature because the sweet potato is originally an origin in the south. Do not preserve it in the refrigerator.

The main kind of sweet potato

The United States
It is a kind that is often, and the flesh color is white for a long time. It turns to a field dry by moderate sweet.
The flesh color and the hull color are sweet potatos of the rich purple. The harvest and storing seem to be good and sweetness to be little.
The color of the skin of the potato is a deep purplish red color, and the inside is white that yellow drove. Shape is a length spindle type. Because the fiber is few and the eating quality is good, the inside of the potato is popular.
The color of the skin of the potato is a beautiful color in purplish red-peachblow. As for the inside of the potato, the fiber is few and the eating quality is very good in yellow.

Attention sweet potato is used (side effect)

Note that the digestion might worsen and breaking wind occur though there is no side effect in the sweet potato even if it eats too much.

Because the symptom of heartburn goes out easily when it eats the roast sweet potato etc. at a dash, eating often slowly biting taking moisture might be good.