Effect of Jerusalem artichoke (medicinal effect and use of Jerusalem artichoke)

The Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial of the mum department helianthus belonging. The plant length becomes 1.5-3m or more, and the yellow flower like to the mum or the helianthus blooms at the September-October. There is a small thorn on the stalk and the leaf, the fertility is strong, and cultivation is very easy.

Jerusalem artichoke flower

Jerusalem artichoke flower

This is a Jerusalem artichoke flower. The flower like the helianthus like the mum blooms. The country of origin is a North American northern part. It is an end of Edo era that transmitted to Japan for the first time. There is the one that the one that had been grown in World War II as for processing and for food was made wild, too.

Anyway, let's choose and plant the place of which you may expand up from becoming of the plant length 3m or more in a wide place.

Tuber of Jerusalem artichoke

Tuber of Jerusalem artichoke

The principal ingredient of Jerusalem artichoke is a dietary fiber, an inulin of the polysaccharide of the accident digestibility, and the inulin of about 15-20% is contained in Jerusalem artichoke of the life.

The shape of feeling that sees the tuber is just like ginger. This photograph is a harvest of the one planted by mistake that father is ginger.

The eaten feeling looks like the potato. Starch seems hardly to be contained.

Medicinal effect of Jerusalem artichoke

The inulin of Jerusalem artichoke is digested and becomes a Jerusalem artichoke oligosaccharide. The oligosaccharide becomes the food of good bacteria in intestines, and there is an effect of increasing the number of good bacteria in intestines.

Because Jerusalem artichoke is low-calorie foods, it is processed as health food and tea.

Jerusalem artichoke is called "Insulin of nature", and there seems to be an effect to lower the level of sugar in the blood. I think it is good in the person of the diabetic.

Use of Jerusalem artichoke

The tuber is assumed to be for food. Shape is ragged like ginger. It is troublesome to wash one's, and to peel off the skin. It makes it to the butter grilling, the fly, soup, the miso pickle, and the boiled food, etc. Man not only eats but also it becomes assumption as the livestock feed, and the raw material of the fructose.

It is up to about in March in the time of harvesting that can obtain Jerusalem artichoke from about the end of November. The bud comes out from the potato when about April comes. It is seems not to preserve it easily.

Cultivation method of Jerusalem artichoke

If Jerusalem artichoke is strong in dryness, and being tried well by the sun, cultivation is very easy. Because stature becomes 3m or more, the planted place is made a place without the problem even if wide, and expanding up. It will grow serious later if it makes a mistake in the planted place.

Method of harvesting Jerusalem artichoke

After the flower finishes blooming, and the stalk withers, it is possible to harvest from about the end of to about March November. It embarrasses it with the inventory location because there is quite a lot of production when harvesting at a time collectively. You will harvest only a necessary amount.