Sake lees (anti-bad cholesterol)

It did for NHK and it was broadcast by the sub-title "It is an effect of a cholesterol decrease in surprise by the Japanese tradition fermentation food" in "Tamesite-gatten". Sake lees (Sake-kasu) have the effect of lowering the value of bad character's LDL cholesterol, and improving constipation.

The bad cholesterol in blood decreases in sake lees (Sake-kasu).

It seems to have experimented by the 12 men and women' cooperation to confirm a healthy effect of sake lees (It avoided or did). It kept making sake lees of 50g like the sweet drink made from fermented rice, and it drinking for three weeks. Then, there were increasing of the Tamotsu volume of water of the skin, and softly to the skin the decrease of weight by 1kg.

However, even if all average data was examined, the effect of the skin was not able to be confirmed the diet effect softly. However, other healthy effects were found. The value of the LDL cholesterol said becoming the trigger of arteriosclerosis has decreased by 8.2% on the average. In addition, it seems to have been effective also in the improvement of constipation.

Effect of "Resistant-protein" included in sake lees

The effect of sake lees is "Resistant-protein" included in the rice that becomes a raw material. The meaning of "Resistant-protein" is a protein it is not easy to be digested. In a word, "Resistant-protein" is a kind of the dietary fiber.

When it eats sake lees, it is carried to small intestines in the body in the form of the state as it is because "Resistant-protein" is not digested easily. Then, it carries it out outside the body without capturing the lipid of the food such as cholesterol and the eaten oil and doing digestive absorption.

Therefore, cholesterol level LDL seems to decrease. Moreover, it becomes easy for the number of lipids to be going to increase and for the mail to come out in service, and it is good for the constipation cancellation.

Sake lees are not "Garbage" (Not kasu)

"Resistant-protein" is included also in the rice that becomes the raw material of sake lees. "Resistant-protein" demonstrated the ability however because of becoming sake lees and being condensed.

In a word, because it compares though other elements of the rice of the raw material of sake are resolved one after another, and "Resistant-protein" has the characteristic so that it not to be easy digested, it remains in sake lees.

A lot of yeasts are contained in sake lees. Vitamins B2 are 26 times rice, B6 is 47 times, and the amino acid seems to increase by a factor of 583. A very nutritious thing is understood. And, there is no hand not used because it is cheap.

Method of cooking sake lees well and delicious

Seem it to taste like the cheese when sake lees are mixed with oil and the salt and it to be delicious. It is included in the cheese, and when an insufficient one for sake lees is added to sake lees, it becomes delicious. Sake lees are easily made a cheese taste because there are common a lot of things to the smell element because sake lees and the cheese are the same fermented foods.

Sake lees are transformed to other fermented foods by a little device. The yogurt drink can be done by mixing sake lees, the bean juice, and the fruit. Will you also challenge various dishes with sake lees?

Relation between cholesterol in the blood and eaten cholesterol

When the cholesterol really eats is limited, does the blood cholesterol level fall though it is said that limit the eaten cholesterol when the cholesterol level in blood is high?

This seems also to have research results in which not relating. The eaten one is only almost irrelevant to the thing with a lot of cholesterols though I am one with a high blood cholesterol level. The cholesterol level is said that it will not rise though it eats a lot of eggs. There seem to be a lot of opaque parts around here.