Effect of garlic

That smell thinks that there are quite a lot of people named not good, too though garlic is powerful. It is said that there is an excellent effect in the allicin of the element of a peculiar smell of garlic. The allicin has working to make vitamin B1 stay long in the inside of the body.

History of garlic use

Garlic from the yore of thousands of years garlic has been used as a nutritional fortification and a spice in China and Egypt. It is about 2,000 years ago to be told to Japan, and the medicinal effect is known to a lot of people and has been used from of old. It is used as a Kimchi, a dish, and a medicine now.

The origin of the smell of garlic:Allicin.

It is said that there is an excellent effect in the allicin of the element of the smell of garlic. On the other hand, it is easy to go out to outside of the body because this vitamin is a water solubility though it is vitamin B1 that it is necessary for burning the glucidic in the inside of the body.

The state of the allithiamine to be able to maintain in the inside of the body long and to use vitamin B1 easily can be this by the one that the allicin of garlic united with vitamin B1.

Recently, because garlic has an excellent effect in the allicin of the element of the smell, the allicin remains this and the doubt remains few in the effect though there is scentless garlic. It cannot be indescribably said that it will not try.

Element of garlic

Allicin It can have the [arina-ze] enzyme in the alliin of garlic and the allicin be done by working. This allicin unites with vitamin B1 and becomes an allithiamine.
[Sukorujinin] The basal metabolic rate is urged and the improving fat combustion is urged. There is a decrease action of the activation of the cell, promoting the blood circulation, the perspiration diuretic action, and the cholesterol in the blood.
Germanium The one included in the food of nature in a small amount of mineral is useful.
Blood is prevented from coagulating, and the thrombosis such as the apoplexy and cardiac infarction is prevented. Blood is made a whispering.
[Ahoen] It is a material that can be done heating the allicin. There are a platelet antiaggregating effect and an antibacterial activity.

Basic effect of garlic

Various effects of garlic

Promoting the blood circulation and effect of tiredness recovery
The allicin expands the blood vessel, stimulates circulation, activates the cell tissue, recovers tiredness, and improves energy. It lowers blood pressure, and there is an effect of lowering cholesterol, too.
Effect of glucidic metabolizing
A strong glucidic fee declines and prevents the diabetic as for the allithiamine that unites with vitamin B1 the allicin included in garlic and can be done. Moreover, the allicin unites with vitamin B6 and often works pancreas.
Nutritional fortification and antiaging effects
The action of the stimulation of the gonad hormone etc. is known though the effect of the nutritional fortification of garlic is famous.
The sending cell is activated to the body, and the renewal in the blood vessel is promoted, and aging is prevented the prevention in the action that increases the number of red blood corpuscles of fresh blood.
Cancer prevention effect
It is known that the natural healing power in the inside of the body is improved to garlic, and the element that prevents cancer is included.

Use of garlic

Garlic doesn't smell at all, and when one piece is wholly put when the curry is made, the texture becomes feeling that the potato collapses and is eaten delicious.

It is also easy to make "Garlic soy sauce pickle", "Sugar pickle of garlic", and "Scallion vinegar pickle of garlic" and to put it. It makes in the bottle, it puts, and a healthy improvement is properly effective though the smell remains because these do not heat if eating.

Because father had been making the one that garlic was soaked to the vinegar of the pickled scallion ([rayo;uu]) since childhood, I was often eating. It eats still sometimes. This is stimulation and is effective. The smell is tight.

The overeating of garlic has been noted.

Note the overeating even if garlic is good for the body. The stomach might be hurt, intense diarrhea be done when eating a lot at a time, and anemia and eyesight decrease. I will make it to about 1-2 splinters a day.

It is likely to cultivate ulcers really far from becoming energetic, and to become diarrhea, to return, and to become thin if it eats too much. Especially, the garlic of the life notes that stimulation is strong.

Garlic has the anti-blood clot action, and avoid using with the warfarin potassium of the blood clot prevention medicine ([wa-farin]) together absolutely, please if you take it in large quantities.