Benefits of tomatoes, and the efficacy

The medicinal effect seems to be being said, "It is the stomach and intestines disease none in house with the tomato" or "When the tomato reddens, the doctor becomes blue" for a long time large. A lot of potassiums, carotenes, and vitamin C, the vitamin B family, quercetin, and lycopenes, etc. are contained in the tomato.

About the tomato


The tomato is an annual herbaceous plant of the eggplant department of which the origin Peru, and is Ecuador. It seems to have been enjoyed chiefly that it was told to Japan by Portuguese in around 1580 for appreciation.

It is from the 1955's to have come to be able to eat in full scale among the people though used as "Pinko eggplant" for the European food for the Meiji era.

I was still a grade-schooler in those days. The taste of the tomato ate in old times was the smell that seemed to be fairly the tomato from now and delicious. I think that a peculiar smell is few of a tomato today why. How though nourishment only has not to be a little either?

When it eats the one of the season within that time frame, nourishment is also good a lot of tastes. Moreover, there is no hand doesn't eat if becoming it when it is healthily good. Let's become healthy eating fast. If it is possible to grow it for myself with no agricultural chemicals, it never says.

Medicinal effect of tomato

In the Chinese medicine, it is thought that the tomato purifies blood, and helps the digestion of fat. The organic acids such as the fact, the citric acid, the malic acid, tartaric acids, and the succinic acids urge the secretion of gastric juices and the digestion is promoted. Moreover, alkaline minerals of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, etc. neutralize the acidosis.

Working of potassium is working that excretes sodium in the inside of the body, and lowers blood pressure inevitably. The mental illness and arteriosclerosis are prevented with [keseruchin] that makes the blood vessel strong, and the skin is cleaned.

A lot of vitamin groups included in tomato

Quite a lot of carotenes (vitamin A) and vitamin C, vitamin B family, and vitamins P(rutin and flavone) are said the vegetable with generally a lot of vitamins to the tomato. It is effective in the prevention of high blood pressure and the hemorrhage of the eye ground by the blood vessel reinforced action and the dilator effect of these vitamins.

Lycopene of tomato and action of acidity

There is one kind of lycopene about the carotene (carotene and carotenoid), and it is included in the red tomato used for the juice and catsup, etc. a lot. The lycopene is a coloring matter that makes red, has the antioxidative effect, and has working that erases the active oxygen. I think the immunity is strengthened, and it is effective also for the prevention of cancer. Moreover, I think that it is also good to boil and to make catsup of the lycopene because it is strong also in heat.

The acidity of the tomato tunes the condition of the stomach in the organic acids such as the citric acid, the malic acids, and the succinic acids, and there is working that removes the tiredness material such as lactic acids, too.

Other active ingredients included in tomato

The smell element of pyrazine of making blood a whispering is included in the tomato. The pyrazine is a peculiar smell element included in the leek, parsley, the onion, and celery, etc. , and has working that controls the coagulation action of the blood of the platelet. In a word, there is an effect of being not able to make the thrombus easy to do, and it is effective for the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

There are a lot of one kind of glutamic acid of of the amino acid tomatoes, and moreover, good increases by the synergy effect with the amino acid of the inosinic acid and the tomato included in the fish, and it becomes very delicious if it cooks it with the fish. Moreover, [takeshinou] is effective in the glutamic acid and the aminobutyric acid.

Naturally, because one kind of tomato of the vegetable contains a lot of pectins of the dietary fiber, it regulates the functions of the intestines, and the improvement and the constipation of the cholesterol level are very useful.

Comparison of elements of grape tomato and usual tomato

When the grape tomato is seen in nourishment, carotene and vitamin C are more abundant than a usual tomato. Contents of minerals such as potassium, iron, and zinc have increased, too. Reds are stronger than usual tomatoes, and the content of the lycopene has increased, too. However, the taste and the texture seem are delicious a usual tomato.

Note the overeating of the tomato.

If a lot of tomatoes are eaten too much in the life, the person with the cold constitution and the person to whom stomach and intestines are weak occasionally become bad the physical condition. Let's heat by boiling when a lot of eating because there is an action that cools the body in the tomato. Uncommonly, there is a person of the tomato allergy and, in that case, take care, please.

It never worries about a person safe no matter how it eats so. I am safe though it is said by me that the eggplant and the cucumber also will cool the body no matter how it eats. Moreover, there is not growing fat even if a lot of eating because the calorie of the vegetable is a little in general.

Method of processing tomato for preservation

I might be embarrassed with disposal it is not possible to eat because it catches the amount of throwing away in the farmer at the harvest time of the tomato. In this case, when the tomato is boiled, it is possible to preserve. Afterwards, it is convenient to use it to cook when making to subdivision and making it to freezing. I think that you may boil and make catsup of vitamin C of the lycopene and the tomato because it is strong also in heat.