Intake of collagen and is it effective?

The effectiveness such as collagen is actively advertised as health food. However, is digestive absorption done and if it buys and it eats collagen, really effective in the body? I thought in my own way.

What is collagen, the glucosamine, the chondroitin, and the hyaluronic acid?

Collagen is a kind of the protein that forms the skin, the ligament, the tendon, the bone, and the cartilage, etc. , and the principal ingredient of multicellular animal's extracellular substratum. The whole quantity of collagen in person's inside of the body becomes about 30% of all proteins in the inside of the body.

The glucosamine exists in the cartilage. The chondroitin exists similarly in the joint, eyes, the vessel walls, and the skins, etc.The hyaluronic acid exists in the skin, the joint, and eyes, etc.

Advertisement of effectiveness such as collagen

Recently, the advertisement of the health food of the collagen mixing is very noticeable when watching television. The person who doesn't know well like being done and effective because of the advertisement might right now buy digestive absorption if eating as a buffer agent of the skin and the joint with putting.

Thinking that the condition of our body is bad because something an important nutrient is insufficient is usual. However, thinking it is effective when it eats it is wrong.

I think it is the same as the idea as good for my brain because working of the brain is improved when it eats the animal brain by thinking that something is insufficient. Do you eat the brain of the monkey that closes to human beings as much as possible?

When it eats something, it tries to sell any thing of goodness for the body that the person sells when becoming famous. This is an idea only of business.

Because everyone is buying it, the consumer who hears it buys it.

It is advertised it is good for health when it doesn't limit to collagen, and "Glucosamine", "Chondroitin sulphate", and "Hyaluronic acid" are taken similarly. I think these oral ingestions for the uncertainty to exist.

Doubt of effectiveness of collagen in "Dynamic equilibrium"

The book by Shinichi Fukuoka (biologist, professor of Aoyama Gakuin University, molecular biology, and Doctor of Agriculture) The collagen taken as food seems to be resolved to an asunder amino acid by the digestive enzyme's working in the gut and to be absorbed according to "Dynamic equilibrium".

Collagen seems to be a protein not digested too much efficiently, and the part that was not able to be digested seems to be excreted.

On the other hand, the absorbed amino acid enters in blood and is carried to the whole body. Then, it becomes a synthetic material of a new protein. However, in the inside of the body, the amino acid resolved from collagen seems not to necessarily become the raw material of collagen.

Because the amino acid that composes collagen is a very usual amino acid such as the glycine, prolines, and alanines that is anywhere. This is because of being able to replenish it from the protein of what kind of food.

When the skin wants to produce collagen, the cell of the skin seems to take the amino acid in blood and to synthesize the requirement.

The protein taken as food is delivered somewhere of the body as it is, and it is asserted that the idea of supplementing an insufficient there protein is a too amateur view of life.

The effectiveness such as collagen : in your judgment

Anyway, it seems can do nothing but judge whether collagen etc. are effective for myself. Buying and trying might be also good, and it only has not to buy it if judged it is not effective at the time of beginning.

It seems to sell even cosmetics of "Collagen mixing" recently. There seems to be no what is absorbed even if collagen is painted on the skin. Though there seems to be an effect of burying the skin contour.

I think that it is healthily more effective to eat usual food well in the balance than to eat the supplement like collagen. Because the element is not often included, I think the balance to have biased nourishment to something as for any supplement. Excessive must be not good in the body though poor nutrition is also bad either.

Let's judge be effective in the oral ingestion of "Glucosamine", "Chondroitin sulphate", and "Hyaluronic acid" for myself.