Effect of tea (element, medicinal effect, and use of green tea)

Tea (green tea) is a drink that processes the leaf and the stalk of the tree and is made. Recently, the function of the catechin in tea is reviewed, and effective in the cancer prevention and the hypertension prevention has been understood.

History of tea (green tea) and tea ceremony

green tea

The cultivation of tea was brought from China by Eisai, Kuukai, and Saityou. Tea came to be grown and it came to be drunk as luxury goods.

Manners such as tea parties are transmitted from China with tea-things, and it has developed into "Tea ceremony". The extension green tea came to be drunk widely between the people when entering Edo period. "Tea ceremony" has been generalized by coming be called, "Tea ceremony" at the Meiji era, and becoming the etiquette before it marries of the female.

Tea (camellia department) is an evergreen that is not the shed of the leaf in winter. A young green sprout that represents a fresh green season expands in spring as shown in this photograph.

The majority of the kind of the tree of the tea grown in Japan is "I want to tear it. "New kinds such as "Midori who puts it", "Bright Midori", and "Soup lamplight borrowing" are grown recently.

Flower of tea (green tea) and true photograph

Flower of tea

A white flower that reduces the camellia flower might bloom in tea in around summer - autumn as shown in a left photograph. You should not bloom the flower of the grown tea. The flower blooms to leave offspring feeling the sense of crisis when there is a trouble in the cultivation management of the weather or tea. A lot of truth came for the flower to bloom because it did not maintain it in my house at all.

The right is a nut of tea. When tea and the truth were caught, washed, dried, and roasted, it was possible to do like oolong tea. It was delicious. It was the super-easy to make it.

Active ingredient and medicinal effect of green tea

Tannin (catechin kind), vitamin C, vitamin E, a beta carotene, a dietary fiber, a mineral, chlorophyll, a teanin, and various active ingredients of caffeine etc. are known to tea, and the medicinal use is made in the purpose for a long time and it has been made to for drinking and for food. A lot of antioxidants that defend bodying from the harm of the active oxygen are included in them. It is said that there are a carcinogenesis control action and an antitumor potency in the catechin.

The catechin contained in tea has the antibacterial activity and the antitoxic property also in any of botulinus, cholera bacteria, the staphylococcus aureus, and O-157.

Use of green tea

Green tea not only drinks but also eats and is a potato using all the nutrients. You will make it to the roughness sawing of 1-2mm if eating. The earthenware mortar and the print rowing are used, and it processes it with the mixer etc.Let's use the eaten tea marketed if it buys it.

It eats sprinkling the tea of the roughness sawing on meal according to the favor. Moreover, tea is sprinkled on seaweeds and the chow mein. It uses it mixing it with the cake, the cookie, and the cake.

Food that used tea (tea leaf)

Tea of for food
It eats the tea-leaf as it is. The tea drunk by the China travel eats the teapot, and it uses and it has eaten the [wazuni] tea leaf.
Tea pickle
The fingerling, the salted fish guts, the pickled plum, and seaweed, etc. are put in meal, the green tea is sprinkled, and it eats. It is possible to eat a lot when there is no appetite.
Tea gruel
Wakayama Prefecture Nara Prefecture is famous, and rice gruel that puts and made the tea leaf. The tea leaf is turned on when the hot water of rice gruel boils and rice begins to dance and it cooks it together. The tea leaf is taken out on the way.
Tea buckwheat noodle
It is Sova who made it kneading powdered green tea to the buckwheat (Sova) and crowding. Shizuoka Prefecture is famous.
Tea dumpling
It is the one that the dumpling was made adding powdered green tea. Kyoto Prefecture Uji City is famous.
Powdered green tea soft ice cream
It is sold well in the sightseeing spot by the one that powdered green tea was added to soft ice cream.

Food that uses the tea leaf has various the one also excluding these around Japanese food and the Chinese cuisine.

Difference among green tea, and oolong tea

Green tea, tea, and the oolong tea are made from the leaf of the same tea. It becomes green tea, tea, and oolong tea because of the difference of the process of manufacture.

After tea is picked, green tea is heated at once. Then, the revitalization of the enzyme included in the leaf breaks, and fermentation stops. Oolong tea stops fermenting heating it after they are made to advance in fermentation to some degree. Tea is fermented without heating it to the last minute and finished up. The smell strengthens as the color and the taste are decided by making the fermentation of the tea leaf thus ..doing.., and fermentation advances.

Cultivation method of green tea

The planting proper time of the tree of tea is the end of March - May, and the planted place recommends land where the drainage is good. It likes acid soil and mix the cattle manure of the peat moss and full ripeness with sands and the field where drain is good, please.

Planting makes to about 30 ? interval, and does the mulch to stock origin for dry prevention. The fertilizer will give the oil fuck-shit from next year of planting and the person handhold level is given to stock origin.

Because the prune can take a lot of uniform sprouts by making it to the tree form that expands a lot of branches, the bud in the point is cut when planting it, it counterattacks during year second, and a lot of branches are put out from side.

How to make tea in home (processing method)

It is general and easy to roast with the wok and the frying-pan, etc. and to make how to make tea in the home. After it is moderately dried so as not to scorch the sprout while mixing it, it massages it by the palm. It is a method of repeatedly drying this.