Farmer's rain water use system using reservoir

Recently, the rain water use system is reviewed in the city. It is an effective one because the use of rain water doesn't throw rain directly into the river for the prevention of the flood and the cancellation of the shortage of water even a little if it uses it by the clan. Moreover, it is effective for the prevention of the flood and the cancellation of the shortage of water as for underground infiltration of rain water.

Because my home was a farmer in the ravine region, it thought about the rain water use system that used the reservoir. Rain water is collected in the pond, and it uses as irrigation of rice farm and the field, it uses instead of the well water, and it introduces it.

Siphon type water supply device applied to reservoir

To use a schematic diagram of rainwater siphon type water supply system are described in the siphon type water supply system was installed when the home pond.

The first outlet  stop valve closed intervals, so that leads to the upper outlet of the inlet ball valve.

Pipe made from plastic bottles into the funnel put water in the pipes installed.

After nearly filled with water in the pipe, that leads to operate the water inlet side and outlet side of the ball valve, open water and out bottom Surisubarubu. Later you can use tap water, just like this Surisubarubu operation.

This is a pond only for my home. The rain water use system that only has to use it well can be made because it is on the back of the house, and exists at a position that is about four meters higher than the house.

I made it from the entire family in childhood so that this pond may water a field and an original rice field. A nearby rice field decreases and it uses it for the rice nursery of the field and the rice plant chiefly now because the house was built here for about ten years ago.

All the rain water that falls in the valley in the hillback in the house collects in the water collected in this reservoir. I think that I become a considerable area though it has not been calculated there is an area of which place. Moreover, water naturally enters the pond even if it is not raining because the underground water that began to permeate collects, too.

There is an outlet from the center of the photograph a little up. The outlet is not made for another in this pond. Rain will naturally collect to this outlet in a word. The rain water of several tons or less can be collected. The water quality of this pond worsens and so as not to generate the wriggler, the fish (loach) that has captured it from the river and shellfishes are put in the pond.

I will regret water leaks because the bank on this pond is hardened with cement even a little and stop it in the future. I will deepen the bottom on the pond and collect more water. There is about 8m thickness of the bank on the pond. The backhoe is very convenient for such construction.

It is a macro photography of the outlet and the ball valve.

This siphon type water supply device uses all pipes of VP20. Garbage and a small stone are prevented from entering by previously installing a large strainer about the water supply pipe.

The outlet is VU150. When it is a heavy rain, it is naturally drained from this outlet.

It is likely to freeze in winter because this part has been exposed. Therefore, water in the pipe is pulled out in winter.

This is an exit of the water of the outlet and the siphon type water supply device.The stop valve is installed in here. The field is watered excluding the midwinter with this device.

It waters the field by previously installing the hose about this pipe. This valve does the role like the faucet of water service.

It is scheduled that the underground is laid here and water is pulled in the field in the future.

The well of my home

The well of my home

A left well frame (Idutsu) digs and is a well of 90cm in the diameter. A right well frame puts the well pump by 75cm in the diameter 60cm in height. This well frame for is freeze proofing and protection of pumpThese are soon in the nether field about the reservoir. The horizontal measurement from the pond is about 15m.

The depth of the well is about 4.2m, and always has about 2m depth. The above-ground part of the well frame is about 30cm. There is an amount of spring water during about 50 liter/minute or more. A concrete lid is done so that the foreign body should not enter the well and the stainless steel has been covered further. This cover is locked. The inside cannot be easily seen.

The water of the well is originally rain water when taking the long-term view though it is not a translation that the water of the pond enters the well at once. Can it able to be said that this is rain water use and is not possible to know.