Knack of overhaul of carburetor and repair

The gasoline engine is used well for small farm machines and implements. It is not easy to often engine starts if it doesn't use it long. There seem to be a lot of breakdowns of the carburetor (vaporizer) in the engine of especially two cycle. The knack of the repair of this carburetor was easily brought together from my experience.

Easy movement of gasoline engine explanation

It easily explains the movement of general gasoline engines such as farm machines and implements and minibikes. First of all, the fuel is sent from the fuel tank to the float. It is controlled by the float (floatage) and the needle (one like the needle) so that the solution level of the fuel in the part that is called a float may always become constant height. (There is no float in a recent weeder, and fuel pump that used the diaphragm that can ..horizontal.. use the engine. )

The gas in a mixture is sent to the combustion chamber of the engine moderately mixing air from the fuel and the air cleaner in the jet of the vaporizer that is called carburetor (carburetor) here.

The gas in a mixture of the combustion chamber is compressed with the cylinder and the piston, and ignited with the sparking plug at moderate time. The ignited gas in a mixture burns explosively, tells crank the power from the piston, and rotates the engine.

The one that the crankshaft explodes once a rotation is called two-cycle engine, and the one that the crankshaft explodes once every two rotations is called four-cycle engine. Four cycles are four distances of "Inhalation", "Compression", "Explosion", and "Exhaust".

There is no valve of suction and the exhaust in two-cycle engine, and the valve of suction and the exhaust is made to work by making with the piston and closing the hole that opens in the cylinder though there is a valve of suction and the exhaust (valve) in four-cycle engine. The structure of two-cycle engine is easy to the extent that it is not valvate.

Overhaul of carburetor (cleaning after disassembling and maintenance)

When the carburetor (vaporizer) becomes trouble, it costs cost and time for the obtaining though it is easy to exchange carburetors. The function of the carburetor can be mostly recovered as long as it even doesn't exchange it if it overhauls it.

There is a thing that some small holes of 1mm or less are open in the carburetor, too. Longtime use and a long-term keeping cling in the carburetor now impurities etc. of dust and oil, and block the jet. When the jet is blocked, it doesn't become difficult to engine starts, and it takes completely.

After first removing the air cleaner, the procedure of the overhaul of the carburetor removes the carburetor. When each part are resolved, parts are put in order removing. Moreover, it advances it while taking the photograph because the digital camera is widespread recently.

Next, the main jet and the pilot jet (slow jet) are removed. Such a carburetor cleaning agent It cleans it in (cleaner). Please confirm it well aiming at one bright whether garbage is blocked in tiny holes.

When the overhaul ends, it assembles it according to the procedure opposite to the resolution. The gasket between the main body of the engine, the carburetor, and the air cleaner is installed and it does for remembrance' sake. If the gasket is old, it exchanges it.

The carburetor of a slow adjustment (idle adjustment) etc. is adjusted starting up an engine at the end. It never fiddles around here at the time of beginning when the adjusting method is not understood.

Knack of carburetor repair (jet part)

It might very take time to overhaul the carburetor. I am often embarrassed because it doesn't engine starts to use it at once. It is very convenient at such time when the knack of the repair is known.

Abounding in the breakdown of the carburetor is blocking of the jet. A structural carburetor that the jet can be seen can be easily repaired by removing the cup part under the float.

Blocking the jet can be easily removed only by poking by the one like the thin wire (wire and line to install tag).

Method of preventing jet of carburetor being blocked with grass mower etc.

Not using two-cycle engines such as the weeder, minibikes, and dynamos for a long time blocks the jet of the carburetor and engines starts.

To prevent this by the prolonged storage, the fuel is not left in the carburetor part. Please use the fuel from the close of the fuel cock to stalling of the engine completely. Or, the fuel of the carburetor is pulled out there in the thing with the screw that pulls out the fuel under the float cup.

It seems to be unquestionable because there is no float in the weeder though stores after the fuel is always used and cut if it does. I am always making it like that.