Tractor using and maintaining

The rice farmers of my childhood, and hand in the fall "off shares," he said, was to cultivate a small cut from the stump after harvesting rice in the hoe. Then it is now cultivated in the tiller, rotary tiller and to use more, now use tractors last passenger. Is now much more convenient.

Parts of the tractor

This picture is I use tractor is.Yanmar is a manufacturer and model FB15D.It is used by more than 20 years to obtain new camcorder.There are very few failures. I think a pretty good product.

The left photo is a picture of the whole tractor. There are parts of the engine room to the left of this photo.Water-cooled diesel engine is 15 horsepower. Driver's seat has a central part of the right portion of the diversion has rotary claw cultivation.

View from the driver's seat

The different point from the car, when put to use diesel, to stop the engine, use the decomp lever.The foot pedal is divided into two right and left pedals hang separately as left and right wheels. Goodbye car and that the main transmission and auxiliary transmission shift lever is different.Of a car and two hand and foot and the accelerator is different.

Operating method of tractor

A main gearshift and the sub-gearshift are put responding at the speed when declutching just like the car and starting up an engine. The PTO gearshift is made a neutral, and a manual accelerator is made the lowest.

It quietly steps on the gas pedal by the right leg while quietly separating the clutch of the left leg. This is almost the same as the car. It is not necessary to start if it is not a slope because the speed doesn't go out so much.

When running, the service brakes are connected right and left because it becomes easy to drive making it move in the service brake at it right and left and simultaneous.

Especially noting it by driving the tractor is an operation of raising and lowering of the rotary part in the tractor back. Please lower the rotary when it climbs up the steep slope. The front floats and the steering wheel doesn't work because the rotary part is heavy when the rotary is left raised. The accident that becomes like this and falls to one's death with the tractor doesn't discontinue.

It stops it causing turning sideways by the right and left case in the state of the speed's going out because it is very dangerous. Especially, when turning, let's do in low speed.

It is necessary to license the large-sized special motor vehicle to the large-scale one though the small one becomes a license of the small sized special vehicle as for the driving license of the tractor when running in the public road. It is almost the same as the backhoe around here, and refer to the page of the operating method of the backhoe, please. Moreover, the numberplate and the compulsory automobile liability insurance are necessary.

The driving license is not necessary when not running in the public road. It is dangerous and stop it, please though even the child can drive.

Method of check-up before starting work before engine is started

Start and how to stop of diesel engine

Way of air pulling out in fuel system of diesel engine

It is the one that air mixes in the fuel system after the fuel of the diesel engine cuts, and throws away the water of the oil filter and the engine doesn't hang.

I have done the failure that puts cooling water in the fuel tank by mistake. Afterwards, the engine did not hang though the water of the oil filter was thrown away.

All methods are basically the same though the pulling out air method seems to be various according to the model. There are screw and air pulling out buttons for the air pulling out in the upper part of the oil filter and the vicinity of the entrance of the fuel pump.

The fuel comes out for the screw for the air pulling out if it works a screw loose. The fuel flows from the hose when the button is pushed and it goes out for the air pulling out button.

The engine starts easily if the engine is started after pulling out of air.

How of field with tractor to cultivate it

Attention and maintenance when tractor is used