Power transportation car for agriculture

The power transportation car for agriculture is convenient and easy-to-use to do the labour for farming. The transportation car has various one like the crawler type, three-wheel type, and four-wheel type, etc.It is the one to be used properly according to the usage. Agriculture..for..power..transportation..car..How to use..maintenance..think.

The feature of the power transportation car and How to use.

power transportation car

This photograph is a power transportation car of three wheels of Yanmar that I am using. The maximum payload is 600kg. The rear wheel is a double tire. The carrier goes up by the oil pressure like the dump truck.

This photograph collects fallen leaves collected in the roadside and the street gutter. Fallen leaves will be collected in winter, it puts in the rice field, and it makes it to the fertilizer. The power transportation car is very convenient for the work that collects while changing the place like this and turns.

This power transportation car is very convenient also for the transportation of earth and sand. When earth and sand is unloaded, the one that the carrier goes up by the oil pressure like the dump truck is especially convenient. If it is not so, it is necessary to unload with the shovel little by little.

Because three-wheel type is flexible, running on a narrow road and a winding road is skillful. (about 2.5m in rotation radius)

It also has the one of the crawler type besides this in the transportation car. It is convenient that the crawler type runs in the [nukarunda] rice field by the one to run in Caterpillar. However, the speed doesn't go out so much.

Method of check-up before starting work before engine is started

Method of starting gasoline engine

Operating method of power transportation car

Attention and maintenance when power transportation car is used