Production of siphon type water supply device for field irrigation

The millrace for irrigation is neatly secured for the rice field cultivated in the country. When the person in the upstream supplies a lot of water to the rice field at the shortage of water, the owner in the rice field in the downstream thinks the person in the upstream to be bad. Water in this was supplied to the rice field by the siphon method because there was a soil saving dam just near.

Moreover, the water-service installation of the siphon type was similarly made by thinking because near my home, there was a small special pond. Because power is also unnecessary, it is convenient.

Principle of siphon type water supply device

Pattern diagrams of siphon type water supply device

It is time when it set it up in the pond of my home and it explains.

First of all, the valve on the exit side is closed. It is making of the upper part and the exit side as for the ball valve on the entrance side running. And, water is put in by installing the funnel made from the PET bottle in an upper pipe.

If it is filled in the pipe with water, lower valve is opened by operating the ball valve so that the inhalation mouth side and the exit side of water may run and water is turned on.

Water can be used like water service only because of the operation of this valve now.

Siphon type water supply device set up in soil saving dam

As for this, water waits for left in the dam for preventing sand erosion. There are previously about 30-meter under the right rice field. The head is about ten meters.

The purpose of sideways passing the pipe through a position that is about one meter higher than the position in which water flows is to prevent this device from receiving damage at the flood.

The intake of water has put up strainer so that garbage should not enter. The ball valve for the switch is put up to the place where the pipe is the highest.

This is a macro photography of the ball valve for the switch.

A lower, in this photograph right pipe runs to this valve usually.

An upper, right pipe is made to run by operating this valve to fill in this pipe with water first. The point of a right pipe is stopped, and water is put in putting up funnel made from the PET bottle in the place of the pipe on this.

When water makes in the pipe full, it makes it to a usual valve position by operating this valve. And, water can be supplied to the siphon type by pulling out stopping the exit of water.

This is an exit of water for the rice field. Water has come out from the pipe of VP20 mightily. Operativeness improves when stop valve is put up to this tip. It was stolen by someone in winter though the valve was put up until last year.

A pipe on the way uses a polyethylene pipe that is a little fatter than VP20.

Siphon type water supply device set up in pond

This is a pond only for my home.

I made it from the entire family in childhood so that this pond may water the field and the rice field. A nearby rice field decreases and it uses it for the field chiefly now because the house was built here for about ten years ago.

There is an outlet from the center of the photograph a little up. The outlet is not made for another in this pond.

It is a macro photography of the outlet and the ball valve.

This siphon type water supply device uses all pipes of VP20. Garbage and a small stone are prevented from entering by previously installing a large strainer about the water supply pipe.

The outlet is VU150. When it is a heavy rain, it is naturally drained from this outlet.

This is an exit of the water of the outlet and the siphon type water supply device.The stop valve is installed in here. The field is watered excluding the midwinter with this device.

It waters the field by previously installing the hose about this pipe. This valve does the role like the faucet of water service.