Method of processing reinforced concrete and light gauge steel

The concrete block is piled up, the base of the warehouse is made, and the millrace is repaired by using cement when engaging in farming in the farm village part. At that time, the reinforced concrete might be put to increase concrete strength. Moreover, there is often what processes a prop of iron in the light gauge steel of the warehouse and the electrified fence and a little ironware, too.

Such iron can be easily processed with DIY. Because I also have often processed such iron, it introduces the method of processing the reinforced concrete and the light gauge steel from my experience.

Reason to use reinforced concrete as reinforcement of concrete

Concrete is very weak to the power of the pull for the power of compression though it is very strong. Concrete strength can be improved to concrete further by burying strong iron (reinforced concrete) under the pull on the inside. This is called ferroconcrete.

The reinforced concrete can prevent iron from rusting by covering the reinforced concrete with alkaline concrete because it is weak to rust. It is important that the amount of the cement mixed when mixing concrete be not reduced therefore. Moreover, an enough thickness (3-4 lowest thickness cm) is necessary for concrete around the reinforced concrete. The salinity of sand in concrete might become the rust problem of the reinforced concrete as attention of others. It is also important to use not the sea sand but the river sand.

Kind of reinforced concrete

The surface is usually a ruggedness deformed reinforcing bar in the reinforced concrete used for construction materials. The adhesion power increases when large the frictional drag, burying in concrete, and using it and strength increases greatly because there is a ruggedness  in the surface. I think that I often use Φ10mm and Φ13mm by the thickness of the reinforced concrete. The thing of Φ13mm is used for a necessary place of strength, and the thing of Φ10mm is usually used.

It cuts in the shop when it is too long when buying and returning or the length of the deformed reinforcing bar buys the thing of 2m though the thing of 4m is general.

Method of cutting reinforced concrete and light gauge steel

It is possible to cut it with the reinforced concrete cutter to have shape like big pincers. Such a disk grinder The cutting whetstone for steel can be easily applied to (disk sander) completely. You will cut it with an abrasive cut-off machine (high-speed cutter) if working in full scale. It is not privately general though the gas welding machine can be used to cut the reinforced concrete and the iron frame of course.

When the reinforced concrete and the iron pipe are cut with the disk grinder and the abrasive cut-off machine, it is not the one that cuts even if it tries to cut it early. A moderate incision rate is necessary. The number of whetstones decreasing quickens when cutting it too much fast. In the power tool, it is a miso to lighten and to use the load.

Because I can use it also for other various work, it often cuts it with the disk grinder. The light gauge steel and the rail of the shutter can be cut by this.

If it doesn't limit to iron, and the diamond cutter is put up, the disk grinder can cut the stone, the block, and the slate, and is very convenient because it is possible to use it to grind if the grinding whetstone is put up.

It is necessary to prevent garbage from entering eyes because it sets sparks flying when iron is cut with the disk grinder. I think that you should use such safety glasses of usual glasses though it is better.

Method of processing bend of reinforced concrete

It is possible to bend it by the hand by grounding the reinforced concrete and trampling it down by the foot. It is the one bent more easily than it thought.

A special tool is necessary to bend the place to be bent accurately. An easy vender is sold also in the do-it-yourself store. Even if this is used, it is possible to bend it well because I have the pipe vender.

When there is nothing, too it bends by the hand to some degree, and it has bent it beating with hammers of wally eyes on the stone.

Assembly of reinforced concrete

The reinforced concrete ties mutually with a thin wire of binding wire that became U-shaped when reinforced concretes are combined and the reinforced concrete is assembled. It twists with a tool of hacker and it unites. I think pincers to be acceptable in case of not being.

The hacker and the binding wire can be bought cheaply in the do-it-yourself store etc.If there is a commodity of unit reinforced concrete recently, too and it is troublesome, it might be also good to use this.

Method of welding reinforced concrete and light gauge steel

When the reinforced concrete and the light gauge steel are connected, the welding machine might be used. An easy welding machine is sold also in the do-it-yourself store recently. If the power supply of 200V can be prepared even by the single phase, the electric welding machine can be used. I think it is difficult in the power supply of the single phase 100V.

In general, when it welds for a moment and something is made, it is the very convenient one though it is difficult to use the welding machine with a low price. When the warehouse of the light gauge steel was built, I used the welding machine.

The hole opens in the material when the adjustment of the current is bad and if it is a thing of some thickness, it can be welded easily to weld the material with thin thickness though it is very difficult.