How to make delicious hand-made noodle

About ten people gathered after a long time by the alumnus in the high school in friend's house and the broiled meat was done. It ate making it while teaching how to make because a delicious hand-made noodle was made at that time. The Sanuki-Udon noodle, and it introduces the how to make because it was very delicious.

Material of hand-made noodle

Tool to mix up noodle

Bowl or Big pan

Plastic bag (large, strong thing)

Bath towel

Extension stick (rolling pin)

Board that extends noodle (The table and the kotatsu board are acceptable.)

Cutting board

Kitchen knife (with flat blade)

Bamboo basket



Mixture of material of hand-made noodle

one person
two people
three people
four people
five people
ten people
Flour 100g 200g 300g 400g 500g 1kg
Water 45cc 90cc 135cc 180cc 225cc 450cc
Salt (autumn or spring) 5g 10g 15g 20g 25g 50g
Salt (summer) 6g 12g 18g 24g 30g 60g
Salt (winter) 4g 8g 12g 16g 20g 40g

How to make hand-made noodle

When you move the cut noodle (take-home)

After the cornstarch or potato starch is sprinkled to the noodle, it incases when carrying without boiling at once and eating the cut noodle. The noodle doesn't stick when the cornstarch etc. are firmly sprinkled.