How to use and the maintenance of the small dynamo

I often want to use electricity in the field and the forest in the farmer. The tree is cut in the forest, and for instance, the mushroom bacterium might be used and the power tool be used planting and worth. In general, it is very convenient when there is a dynamo because there is no power supply in such a place.

Feature of small movement dynamo

The small movement dynamo (It is called [hatsuhatsu]) is the one to make gasoline and light oil a fuel, to rotate dynamo that connects directly with the engine, and to make electricity. I think that I use the one that it is light, carrying is easy, and the noise is small.

It is the one very found useful when there is a dynamo in work in the camp and outdoor. It takes an active part at the power failure because life without electricity is not thought now. I think it is very convenient when preparing by one.

The name of each part of the dynamo and How to use.

The name of each part of the dynamo

The name of each part is as shown in the photograph. It is a model of small, cheap 100V600W.

After the chalk lever is pulled of the opening of the fuel cock, the engine is started with the starter when the gasoline fuel of 50:1 ..intermingling.. is put. The chalk lever is returned, frequency (Hz) switch is done, and after the warm-up, and uses it.

The amount of the gasoline supplied to the engine so that the voltage and the frequency may steady changes automatically when the load of the appliance connected with the dynamo changes.

You might make it to 60Hz when the switch of the frequency is adjusted to 50Hz to use it long by small power though never worries too much, and the electric power is a lot necessary. Engine revolutions are about 20 percent different. The noise is also different.

I think that I use four-cycle engine easily than two cycles if it says from easiness to treat. The mixed gasoline need not be prepared, and the engine sound is generally quieter four cycles.

The movement operation (field day contest etc.) in outdoor of amateur radio that used the wireless machine of the vacuum tube type and the labour for farming and forestry (perforation in the drill when the shiitake bacterium was planted) of the field may.. be used though it bought because I wanted to use it at the original camp. It used it also for the cash register and the vending machine of the power failure of the shop.

The main specification of sea bass SX600R

Method of starting engine

Breakdown often found in dynamo that did not use it for a long term(carburetor and sparking plug)

The engine doesn't often hang in the dynamo that did not use it for a long term. The main jet of the carburetor is mostly blocked.

It often adheres on the center of the float, and when it removes the cup under the float, the main jet pokes the hole in the central portion with the thin wire. Because other jets exist, that also checks whether there is blocking.

When keeping it so as not to become this, the mixed gasoline pulls everything out and will make it not remain in each part. Or, let's drive until the fuel cock is shut and the engine stalls when finishing using it.

Next, a lot of breakdowns that are are defective of dirt and the gap of the sparking plug. The sparking plug is removed and cleaned. It does according to regulations. The high-tension code is connected with the sparking plug before the plug is installed on the engine, and the main body of the plug is touched to the metal department of the engine, and let's draw the string of the starter and confirm the spark of the ignition. Still, if the sparking plug is trouble, it exchanges it for the new article.

Attention and maintenance when dynamo is used(maintenance)

The usage of an unexpected dynamo in the camp has been discovered.

I discovered an unexpected usage of the dynamo to be done when I went out camping to the mountain in Nara Prefecture with my family. It cooked rice by the camp with a dynamo and an electric rice cooker.

It doesn't know whether to have thought that it is not possible to cook it well though it doesn't know though rice can be cooked even with a cooker and a usual pan. whether to have understood the way well It is likely to have thought rice was cooked at any rate cheaply.

Let's cook even if it is unskilled at the time of the camp. It becomes memories in which you may fail.