Device of approach to rice field

In putting the combine and the tractor in rice field that ends the redeployment of arable land of the country, there is often a case that should pass slope (approach). The person who did not experience agriculture designed or the approach in this case is not often used easily. It is a current state that the fall accident of the tractor doesn't discontinue in such a dangerous approach. I changed this to a smooth approach.

Approach to rice field (slope)

Approach to rice field (slope)

On the slope, rice field that arranged arable land in my country was approach (entering way). The slope in this side of this photograph is an original approach to rice field.

The combine, the tractor, and farm machines and implements incline greatly and reversely because the rice field side has suddenly fallen when coming to the levee of rice field climbing this slope while driving the combine, the tractor, and farm machines and implements. It is very dangerous because it declines suddenly from the climb slope.

This is changed and the approach to rice field is changed to the place where the road rises a little like the interior of the photograph than the surface of the water of rice field.

Approach to changed rice field (smooth road)

Approach to changed rice field (smooth road)

This photograph is the one having seen from the direction opposite to the photograph on. There is an approach on a past slope in the interior, and is a smooth approach newly made forward.

It installs on this photograph and the approach is installed from the water level of rice field on the position in which the road rises a little.

The length of the approach can be shortened, and it is possible to put it in and out by doing so as the combine and the tractor are safe because it becomes a smooth approach.

Such a lot of other dangerous approaches exist also in my vicinity. Neighbors have a lot of people who are using a dangerous entrance to the rice field.

Another rice field has already changed the approach to me. The approach of this another rice field were 10m or more in length and was a steep grade.

Of course, it is not possible to change like this if there is no place of height as which the road and rice field are almost the same. However, if the approach can be installed at the position in which the difference cannot be done as much as possible, it becomes safe even a little.

It is easy to use fairly only because it devises it for a moment by such an easy thing and becomes safe. About what did the person who had designed this approach think?Did you think that the approach of rice field had to be a corner plot of rice field?

Fall accident of tractor in dangerous approach (slope)

The news of the fall fatal accident on the slope of the tractor doesn't discontinue every year. There is an experience that I also made the tractor fall on the slope in the past only once. Most people once are the tractors and might exist in dangerous eyes.

The front wheel often floats in the weight of the rotary in which it is back when it remains raising the rotary in the place where the tractor is driven on the slope when the acclivity advances. Moreover, the front wheel floats when the climb slope is rapidly started.

When it climbs the acclivity by advancement, it is very important to lower the rotary. When getting off the downward slope as a junior, it is necessary to lower the rotary similarly. When the slope is descended by advancement, lowering of the rotary is safer. Anyway, to lower center of gravity, let's lower the rotary on the slope.

The front wheel floats when this is neglected, and the steering wheel doesn't work at all. Then, the tractor falls being not able to do anything by panicking (Become a panic) with the furnace, too. If it is a tractor that costs millions of yen, not being possible to run away by putting it is humanity though there is no problem if it is possible to jump down from the tractor in a safe place.

The engine doesn't stall even of ..engine key.. stop of the diesel engine though it only has to stop the engine if it thinks calmly in this case. The engine doesn't stall if the decompressor bar is pulled and the compression of the engine is not lost.

If the engine is not stopped here, it becomes a panic. It becomes impossible to have already declutched and to step on the brake. Originally, it is very dangerous to declutch on the slope.

Method of safely driving slope with tractor

Security precaution of use tractor

It is important to use the seat belt together with the helmet in the one that the safety frame only of the bone union has placed to a passenger use tractor. It is important to install the seat belt and the helmet so as not to throw the body even if the safety cabin has adhered.

There is the one that it is not possible to install it with an old model because there are neither a safety cabin nor a safety frame in an old, passenger use tractor though it is the best to install this, too. It has the opposite result to what was intended at that time to restoring the seat belt. Jumping down up is safer at the emergency. The image training of the escape is always done.