Selection and usage of backhoe

It is possible to use it also for agriculture though the backhoe (drag shovel) is special construction machineries. It has over tens of times power compared with human strength. The selection method and the usage when using it for agriculture were devised.

Method of selecting backhoe (drag shovel)

The too big one is not necessary if it uses it for agriculture excluding a special usage. I think that I often choose less than three tons in the body weight when thinking about the easiness of the relation and the movement of the license to do. Please note that the machine weight might exceed three tons even by less than three tons in the body weight.

In this case, because the machine weight might become even about two tons in the body weight it three tons near, it is not possible to transport it by two-ton car. It might often be seen to be portable as the backhoe of about three tons is piled up in two-ton car.

Size and driving qualification of backhoe

There is no car inspection about the one classified into the small sized special vehicle by the backhoe. The light vehicle tax hangs if it owns and it registers to the municipality.

It becomes a car of corresponding large-scale, specially or small and specially in the Road Traffic Law. It is large-scale, special or it is necessary to license small special if running in the public road. Then, the numberplate is also necessary. Registration to the municipality is needed. The compulsory automobile liability insurance is also necessary.

The one like the driving license in the site of the backhoe is "Vehicle system construction machinery driving skill training end certificate. " in Occupational Health and Safety Law. To use it for a personal usage on my site, I do not think the qualification for the necessity to exist though it is said that do not drive if this is not.

After the course is received, it is necessary to use it because there is not knowledge because it is a special machine and either it is dangerous when using it. It is necessary qualifications by all means if it undertakes a contract on business and for myself in the construction company.

The vehicle system construction machinery driving skill training has two kinds of qualifications from 3 tons in the body weight to less than 3 tons (small size) in the body weight. I received a special education of the compact car both faction construction machinery driving skill in around 1996 because owned backhoes were less than three tons in the body weight. This course ended in a day. It was necessary to prove though there was no field test of having done the spot skill training in the shop etc.

What is the body weight?

It is said the vehicle dry mass by mass that doesn't include the fuel, the hydraulic fluid, the lubricant, and cooling water, etc. detaching the working device (If it is a backhoe, boom, arm, and bucket, etc.) from a vehicle system construction machinery. It writes to the body.

What is the machine weight?

The working device (boom, arm, and bucket, etc.) necessary for work is installed in a vehicle system construction machinery and the fuel, the hydraulic fluid, the lubricant, and cooling water, etc. This is displayed in the body.

Example of ratings of backhoe (standard)

It is an example of Mitsubishi MM20CR standard issue that I am using.

Weight of body 1,600kg
Total weight of machine 2,120kg
The maximum in bucket load 120kg
Bucket capacity 0.066m3
Rated power 17PS (12.4kW)
The highest running speed 4.1km/h
Mean contact pressure 0.3kgf/cm2 (29kPa)

How to choose used backhoe

Usage to agriculture of backhoe

Usage to agriculture of backhoe

This photograph is used for burdock digging. In the burdock, the root is long and it is possible to dig up the soil easily by digging beforehand deeply near the burdock because of being deeply.

The backhoe can be used for not only the construction industry but also the labour for farming. It finds it useful very much in the part between Nakayama to whom the field is not so maintained. Generally, the above-mentioned work is done for adult ten.

I buy in the Middle Ages of 1996 when the house was built in the country and am using this. It has used it for the movement of the soil around the house, the stone wall volume, the well digging, and construction, the root cellar digging, and the culvert digging etc. of the warehouse of the iron frame. There seems to be a place variously still maintained because it originally built the house in the place with only the field. Not doing uses one's initiative and because it is possible to do by thinking to like it for myself better than asking the trader, it is possible to make it from the trader usual. Next, the usage of the backhoe was itemized.

Method of starting diesel engine

Storage of backhoe and maintenance in daily life