How to use of the combine and it's maintenance

About the combine

When autumn came, I was harvesting rice with the sickle in the hand work in the cultivation of rice farmer in childhood. And, the bunch of the rice plant was multiplied by the gobioid, it dried naturally, and the threshing work was done with the thresher.

It cut, bundled the rice plant with the binder as follows, and it came to use the harvester for threshing. Harvesting rice and threshing can have come to be done at the same time as all almost farmers with a combine recently when thinking becoming convenience fairly.

Kerosene was needed by using the dryer for dry work of the paddy this time though it became very convenient. It came to borrow the power of the machine and the energy of oil in doing anything. The farmer should master those machines well now.

I want to write it as how to use combine from my experience about the instructions this time.

Name of each part of combine

Name of each part of combine 1 Name of each part of combine 2

This photograph is a combine that I am using. It is a manufacturer and the model is CA85 of Yanmar. After it obtains it in the Middle Ages, this has already been used for about ten years. The breakdown is hardly found. I think that it is a quite good product.

A left photograph is taking of threshing part and straw cutting part as seen apart. The part that is not reflected in the photograph in this left part is a reaping part. The trunk for threshing is seen in the center part. The chain that sends the rice plant straw to the threshing part and the straw switching off part under that is seen. There is a blade that cuts straw in a right edge.

A right photograph is seeing of the combine from the back. There is a part where the garbage that is seen from the back and threshed under the left is exhausted. Because it might block in this with garbage, the check cleaning is sometimes necessary. The cover is taken in this photograph.

Driving and method of harvesting rice of combine

combine 1 combine 2

A left photograph sees the reaping part and the driver's seat of the combine. The device that causes the rice plant that falls in the left of the reaping part is put up. The rice plant that falls completely is caused well as long as stock origin stands very much in the excellent one, too and this is reaped.

Right photographs are various operation levers seen from the driver's seat. Driving, reaping the rice plant, and threshing are done by operating these.

Method of check-up before starting work before engine is started

Start and how to stop of diesel engine

Method of running

Method of reaping

Attention and maintenance when combine is used

In addition, each part is checked, and a place noticed while using it and a wrong place are not limited for this year and repaired for next year.