How to use grass mower (weeder) and maintenance

The time taken to weeding is the one that quite a lot of the efficiency is controlled by the performance of the weeder (grass mower and brush cutter) in the farmer in the part between Nakayama among work during year. It is not an exaggeration to say might weed of the same part necessary several times within one year, and weeding all the year round excluding winter.

Feature of grass mower (weeder)

We were a convenient thing like the grass mower, and were the hand all work with the weeding sickle in childhood. There is a convenient grass mower now, and efficiency is times how many different from old times. I want to describe the point noticed in having weeded for years though weeding is not good one.

The name of each part of the grass mower and How to use.

This photograph is a brush cutter that I am using. It has not worried about the manufacturer so much. Because I have not bought the brush cutter.

The reason for father is that the new article is always bought straight actually when the condition of the brush cutter worsens as for it.

The engine has the thing of two cycles and the thing of four cycles. Four cycles seem not to consume gasoline though the cheap one is two cycles.

It has been the previously adhering of the blade from the engine through the main pipe. The protection cover of the blade had adhered originally forward. Because the grass coils when a long grass is cut when this cover exists and efficiency falls very much, the cover is removed.

An automatic centrifugal clutch has adhered from the engine between the main pipes, and the rotation of the blade stops automatically when the rotation of the engine is dropped.

In the main pipe, there is a band that hangs it by the shoulder. Moreover, there is a knob that supports it by both hands near there. If both hands are not used in the prolonged activity, it becomes tired though there is a model without the knob either.

As for the position of the band that hangs with the shoulder and the position of the knob, a good position is different because of the physique. Therefore, it uses a mower and it adjusts it at an easy-to-use position.

How for two-cycle engine to start

Exchange procedure of blade of grass mower (weeder)

A left photograph is chip saw used for the brush cutter It is a macro photography in the tip of the blade of (There are 230mm in the diameter and 255mm). It is a comparison of tips of the blade to which the new article and sharpness drop. The efficiency of work falls very much because it pulls and it tears up the grass by force when becoming it like this. Moreover, the consumption of the fuel increases, too. Blades are exchanged ahead of time.

A right photograph has exchanged blades of the brush cutter with the specialized tool. It rotates right as shown in the photograph because the screw that stops saw blade is a left-hand thread (opposite 13mm) and it unscrews a screw. At this time, the blade is prevented from rotating pressing the tip of the blade against ground. It never feels after the blade. (You may put from the hole to the place where a long and slender tool of Allen wrench etc. is tried that fixes the cutter axis, put Allen wrench in the interior further while turning the blade, and fix the cutter axis. )

The saw blade under is a thing to prevent the blade from placing to ground even if saw blade is pressed against ground though is turning down of the bowl. It works by installing it without fail because it is very convenient. The tiredness condition is very different in the prolonged activity. in this is and do not exist

There are the one that it is not necessary to sharpen the blade like tip-saw and the one that it is necessary to sharpen the blade that includes 2-8 blades in saw blade of the brush cutter. In the one to sharpen the blade, the center of gravity of the blade might move to wear out of the blade while using it, and the vibration become intense because of the rotation.

Relation among diameter of chip saw, power of engine, and efficiency of work

There are a thing of 230mm in the diameter and a thing of 255mm in general tip-saw. You will use both things with a small diameter in the grass mower with small power of the engine (engine displacement 20-25CC) in the one of the engine type though it is possible to use. Moreover, when grass fat, hard, the plant length long, and the bamboo and tree are cut, the thing with a small diameter is used.

When power large of the engine (engine displacement 26-45CC), and soft grass are cut, I think that I can efficiently cut one with a large diameter of tip-saw. You will decide it actually cutting it.

Attention and maintenance when grass mower (weeder) is used

The feature of the nylon code and How to use.

The nylon code is called a nylon cutter. A hard grass doesn't cut though the nylon code is different from a metallic blade and a soft grass cuts. Then, the nylon code is advantageous in the place where a lot of stones exist and the place where a lot of obstacles exist.

When it is a nylon code, it is possible to cut it well for weeding to cut the grass many times necessary, and short under the electrified fence etc. , and to damage the prop in the electrified fence.

Oppositely, cutting a hard grass, the bamboo, and the tree by the nylon code becomes difficult. A long grass becomes difficult in the nylon code, too.

The probability that a small thing scatters compared with a metallic blade rises very much at work by the nylon code. The defended cover is indispensable. Moreover, safety glasses are also indispensable. I think that the thick one is good of the pair of trousers.

Because the grass mower is anti-clockwise, how to roll the nylon code is rolled clockwise. The rolled nylon code gets loose and it dashes out when the nylon code is anti-clockwise rolled.

The nylon code becomes hard due to the cold if the nylon code is used in winter, and it is seems to cut easily. It lasts long in summer.

Power of nylon code and engine

It can be efficiently cut to raise engine revolutions when weeding by the nylon code. Therefore, I think that the power of the engine should be large. 25CC or more of the engine displacement of the engine of the grass mower might be better.