How to use the maintenance of the rice-polishing machine

We are saying the brown rice and paddy rice shelled. If you eat nutrient-rich body while brown rice is good. In order to improve the taste and texture when eaten, is polished to eat. The main methods are milled through a single expression and circulation. Often, it is machine milled recently driven through once.

About the rice-polishing machine

Thin skin and to remove the germ portion of the surface with brown rice, said to be polished to be a tasty white rice.

It had eaten rice like the brown rice before Edo period. In the brown rice, vitamin B1 etc. are very good abundance, and healthy foods. After it became the Meiji era, the taste was improved by cleaning rice in white and it came to eat the brown rice.

The sickness of beriberi came to increase from vitamin B1 lack before because it removed the part of a nutritious embryo bud when rice was cleaned. It is called rice with germs by a healthy aim recently and the person who eats the one, the brown rice, and five amount rice that leaves the part of the embryo bud and cleans rice has increased, too.

The number of those who clean rice at home has increased recently though there is coming without thinking doing in the ordinary family by what rice store does rice cleaning, too.

And polish rice just before cooking in one time through, you can eat tasty rice. In my house we use this method primarily.

Method of rice-polishing machine(circle method and one time passing type)

In the rice cleaning method of the rice-polishing machine, there are a circle method and one time passing type. In general, the passing type has increased once recently though it is a circle method rice cleaning machine that it was widespread. The coin rice cleaning machine is mostly one time-passing type rice cleaning machine.

Feature of circle method rice cleaning machine

Feature of circle method rice cleaning machine

This photograph is a silver rice cleaning machine of the [mizuta] industry. The one used by my home of the country, and it is the same manufacturer, and same capacity. The rice of about 15kg is treatable. Motor (250-400W) and V belt are installed outside.

The circle method rice cleaning machine is rotating the axis of the corkscrew shape in a thin cylindrical cylinder. The brown rice is rubbed mutually turning the heat to the brown rice by passing the brown rice in this, it matches, and the film and the embryo bud part on the surface of the brown rice are removed little by little.

The brown rice put in the hopper above passes from the right to the left from among the form of a cylinder below and it circulates as shown in this photograph. A left lever adjusts extent in which the exit of the cylinder is closed, and puts resistance on the movement of rice.

I make it not take by always complete ..this lever.. resistance and am cleaning rice. Then, there might be a person who thinks that rice cannot be cleaned, too. However, rice can be cleaned neatly though it hangs for a moment.

Thus, rice can be cleaned without so dropping the embryo bud. Moreover, the axis where the rice-polishing machine rotates might lock when resistance is put too much, and the motor be burnt.

Most people are burn the motor once. I have never failed after it makes it to this method. The temperature rise of rice can be suppressed.

There is no too small one because the circle method rice cleaning machine should process limited amount of brown rice. As for this rice-polishing machine, about 15kg(one 'to') is treatable.

When rice is cleaned, the brown rice is separated to cleaned rice and the rice bran. Therefore, when the brown rice becomes cleaned rice, it decreases by about 10 percent or more. Cleaned rice decreases by raising the refinement level.

The circle method rice cleaning machine should make it to cleaned rice though it can clean rice even like the paddy. Because the one like the paddy still remains when making it to five amount rice, it is not possible to do in amount of rice. Because it is a state that the rice bran mixes, it is necessary to select it by old ([furui] and sifter) though it is possible to make to five amount rice if it is a brown rice.

One time feature of passing type rice cleaning machine

One time feature of passing type rice cleaning machine

In a domestic small rice cleaning machine (rice cleaning machine) and the coin rice cleaning machine, it is usual that it is a rice-polishing machine of the passing type once. The number of passing type rice cleaning machines has increased once recently.

The temperature of rice rises because the passing type rice cleaning machine puts a big load on rice once. Moreover, it is noted that the motor doesn't lock because the load put on the motor is large. When rice is damp, it especially notes, and it is made not to clean rice if possible.

When a large amount of brown rice is processed, it is necessary to note it because in such a domestic small rice cleaning machine (The hopper capacity : by about five combinations), there is something that it is not possible to use it continuously. In a word, after they are made to take a rest for a while, it uses it when using it for 15-30 minutes. (There are a lot of one of ratings for 30 minutes. )

How to use the device of the circle method rice cleaning machine

Set up a rice milling machine on the stand as well, so do not play. Keep outlet shutters closed rice. White rice will spill forget it.

The brown rice is put from the hopper above. About 15kg can be put at a time. 30kg is treatable according to the model.

Moderate resistance is put on rice by operating the lever after it turns the power switch on. It resists few. It is confirmed that rice circulates well. When rice cleaning is completed, the container is received to the exit of rice, and rice is taken out completely. It turns off power afterwards.

Meanwhile, observing the state of the rice-polishing machine for a long time mostly does other things of time while cleaning rice because it is useless. Then, rice is cleaned too much and rice becomes small rice. To avoid this, I am putting up the timer to the rice-polishing machine outside. It usually completes at 40 minute-about 60 minutes.

Next, the rice bran is taken out and processed. I am making rice bran the fertilizer of the field. The maize weevil (rice weevil) boils when it is left to put it ..the rice-polishing machine of the rice bran.. ..the rice bran...

Attention and maintenance when rice-polishing machine is used