Bean curd making that uses bean juice maker

Because the bean juice manufacturer had been bought, the bean curd decided to be made. It is a rubbish bean of a black soybean that becomes a raw material to be able to catch the leftmost by my home. It is one combination 130 grams. What put applying this to water for about eight hours is the second a thing from the left.

A photograph right below is an inside of the bean juice manufacturer. In short, it is a structure that the mixer becomes a coffee machine together.

There is a motor up, is a case with the net that puts the bean under that, and there is a blade of the mixer in that. It seems to prevent moisture from spilling measuring the water level when mixing it by this though two electrodes have fallen above. The bean is put, water is put in a little, and it sets it in the main body.

The motor turns when switching on and doing for seven minutes and it stirs it. The temperature goes up little by little, too. So as not to be spilt, the motor heats it while turning and stopping. It is ready of the bean juice in about 30 minutes.

It is a bean juice to be able to do this. The gray had been for a black soybean. 700mL was able to be done. It was said that children were not delicious though it thought the taste to be a quite delicious.

It was made that the tofu refuse was fine. It was feeling on which sesame was sprinkled because it was a black soybean.

It awakes up to 70 degrees (about three minutes), "Nigari" is mixed, and the one that one teaspoon was melted in the water of 50mL is mixed in addition ,divided into 2-3 portions every about ten seconds when the bean juice can be done. It puts for about ten minutes, and it puts it in the formwork when hardening.

A heavy stone of about 200 grams is put, and it puts it for 10-20 minutes. Virgin bloody Mary's can was a good weight.

It exposes to water for one hour and the completion. The sponge somehow. where was badIt is feeling that feels rough for a moment when eating.

It was noticed that there was no work to squeeze the bean juice when often thinking. The person who is anxious about the solid in the bean juice has written that it strains though there was an exceeded tool. When the bean curd is made, it is not written that strain. Let's strain this time and make it.

It finally succeeded because of the bean curd making of the second times.

It is finally a success. It was able to be done that it was soft like the silk bean curd.

The bean juice was this time strained unlike last time.

"Nigari" is reduced, and a lot of bean juices are mixed. "Nigari" is put and mixed a little again while seeing the appearance. And warms it when temperature falls.

Water had not come out from the straining cloth so much when putting it in the feeling type that had not hardened still a little. A light bean curd was able to be done though a heavy stone might have been a little light. It was a bamboo basket bean curd. Anyway, it was able to be done that it was soft and it was delicious. I thought may be a hard a little more Japanese syllabary.