Feature of kerosene reforming medicine "Dieselon"

The local taxes for the road construction tax revenues securing of light-oil delivery tax hangs to the light oil of a diesel fuel on the market. The light-oil delivery tax need not be paid because it doesn't run on the road in the tractor used only in farmer's field and the equipment such as backhoes. The additive of diesel that can use kerosene as a diesel fuel on is sold because of such a diesel engine.

What is the light-oil delivery tax?

The light-oil delivery tax is local taxes provided in Local Tax Law. It is the one taxed the receipt of light oil (in a word purchase) to secure fiscal resources that administrative divisions or a specified city allots to cost concerning the road.

Amount of light-oil delivery tax

One kiloliter   32,100 yen. (32.1 yen a liter)

Tax exemption method of light-oil delivery tax

The light oil (usage in which it doesn't run on the road) used for a specific usage of the motive power etc. of the ship, the railway vehicle, and the agriculture and forestry industry machine is exempted from taxation by application. Application and the operation are very troublesome. A small farmer like me cannot do at all when thinking about time, cost, and the effect.

Problem when tempura oil is used for diesel-powered vehicle

Recently, using this for the car that runs in the public road has the problem though it seems to refine the tempura oil, and there to be light oil and an example of use to the car of the diesel engine mixing it. In a word, it is necessary to receive approval beforehand, and to pay the light-oil delivery tax. Of course, there is no problem to use it for farm machines and implements etc. that do not run in the public road.

What is a kerosene reforming medicine Dieselon?


A kerosene reforming medicine Dieselon is a kind of the additive to use kerosene as a diesel fuel. A Dieselon is used with kerosene mixing it at a rate of about 200:1. The light-oil delivery tax of 32.1 yen a fuel liter can be reduced by using it for the vehicle and machines that do not run in the public road with kerosene.

A Dieselon has the additive that prevents the jerk pump and the nozzle from burning. Moreover, the combustor efficiency is raised with the combustion accelerant, and the piston and the cylinder become beautiful because of the cleanser mixing. Additionally, there seems to be an effect of decreasing the amount of the exhaust of SOx (sulfurous acid gass) and the PM particle, too. The mixture kerosene doesn't freeze up to -50 degree C.

Effect of Dieselon(effect of manufacturer)

Clean action
Power, the torque, and the fuel cost of the engine are improved purifying the combustion chamber and the fuel route.
Combustion promotion action
The combustion accelerant is mixed, and the output characteristic has been improved compared with kerosene's burning. The generation of the unburned gas, the oxide of nitrogen, and the carbon monoxide is controlled by raising the combustor efficiency.
Oil is improved.
Because lubricity is insufficient when it is only kerosene, oil is improved.
Ultra pressure is improved.
Ultra pressure (load-proof performance) in the sliding area is improved, and the burning trouble is prevented.
To improve the cetane number
When the cetane number is improved, the cetane booster is used together or the Dieselon plus and a hyper diesel, etc. on are used. The cetane number might be so unrelated to use to a usual tractor.
Anticorrosive action
There is a rust prevention action the fuel route.
Dark smoke control action
The exhaust of dark smoke (PM) is suppressed, and the adverse effect on the environment and the body is improved.

Impression that uses Dieselon and tempura oil for farming

I do not know there is a commodity of Dieselon, and have used light oil for the diesel engine for farming for years. Then, I also added a Dieselon to kerosene and used it for the tractor and the backhoe (backhoe).

No trouble was especially found when using it. Light oil was not hoarded and to use it at once, I thought it was convenient because I was able to divert the fuel of the oil boiler for farming.

I will use it as a diesel fuel for farming mixing this with the fuel as it is because there is the one with old tempura oil that is not abolition tempura oil but unused.

Notes when kerosene reforming medicine is used

It is not possible to make it to the fuel by adding a Dieselon to kerosene the vehicle where the numberplate has adhered is to be able to run in the public road. Please note becoming the act of smuggling. It is understood at once that the coumarin has been added to kerosene, and kerosene is mixed by the inspection.

What is kerosene?

Principal ingredients of kerosene are hydrocarbons of number about 9-15 of carbons with the liquid with a peculiar stench. In sulfur content, the flash point is 40 degree C or more every 80ppm or less. There is a character it not to be easy ignite at the normal temperature. Because handling is easy, kerosene is used for the fuels such as domestic heating equipment and the boilers well.

I was using the engine for the power of threshing and rice cleaning in childhood. Kerosene was used for the fuel. It was kerosene and there might not have been problem because the engine was not a diesel engine. There is a problem because lubricity is insufficient when kerosene is used for the diesel engine.

Comparison between light oil and kerosene

Light oil is a fuel used for the diesel engine. Gasoline is made from steam that heats crude oil and generates at the temperature of about 30-220 degree C, kerosene is made from the steam generated at the temperature of about 170-250 degree C, and light oil is made from the steam generated at the temperature of about 180-350 degree C.

In a word, it is kerosene and light oil in a low temperature that evaporating evaporates by gasoline at the high temperature. Light oil is a little high compared with kerosene, and the number of light oil of carbons is more than that of kerosene (about ..number.. 9-15-carbon) in about 14-17 if it compares it at the evaporation temperature. Moreover, light oil has the character that the freezing point is frozen high from kerosene.